13 Amy Poehler-Themed Gifts To Give The Funny Lady's Biggest Fan

Amy Poehler has become a pop culture icon over the last decade, be it for her portrayal as the optimistic and overly enthusiastic Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, her hilarious years on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, and her many movie roles. But Poehler is so much more than just a funny lady. She's a mother, a feminist, and an inspiration to all of us. And chances are, you've got a friend who's a fan of everything she does. And what better way to celebrate your friend's fandom than giving them an Amy Poehler-themed gift this holiday season.

Don't worry. It's not just a guide full of links to buy her DVDs (although there are a few). A true Amy Poehler fan isn't just a fan of the comedienne's movie and television work. These Poehler-ians are fans of the woman herself. They love what she stands for, they love her friendship with Tina Fey, and they love that she's a kick *ss woman in pop culture. We need those, right? We need women who say that being a mom is ridiculously hard. We need women that inspire us to take on our dreams and women that inspire us to say yes and no. We need Amy Poehler. And the Amy Poehler fan in your life needs one (or all) of these 13 gifts. They range from silly to empowering, but I promise that all will be a hit.


'Yes Please'

Yes, Please, $10, Amazon

A must-have for any Poehler fan,Yes, Please is full of fist-pumping stories, funny anecdotes, and a whole lot of realness. Poehler proves that she's more than just a comic with her personal stories, opinions, and ideas. It's a totally empowering read and should be on every woman's bookshelf.


'Baby Mama'

Baby Mama, $7.50, Amazon

One of my favorites and arguably one of the most quotable movies, Baby Mama is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Poehler plays a surrogate for Tina Fey's character, but when the pregnancy doesn't take, she pretends to be pregnant to continue the lifestyle Fey has set up for her. A perfect movie for the Poehler fan you love, especially if you're their Tina Fey.


Cool Mom Greeting Card

'Cool Mom' Greeting Card, $4, Etsy

She doesn't play a huge role in Mean Girls, but her character seriously steals the show. Give the mom Poehler fan in your life this adorable Mean Girls-inspired greeting card to show how much you appreciate her. (And to remind her that she'll never be that mom in the Juicy Couture track suit living vicariously through her teenage daughter.)


'Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Amy Poehler'

SNL: The Best of Amy Poehler, $7.50, Amazon

Her celebrity status may have blown up in the last decade or so, but her years spent on SNL are some of the best for the epic show. Relive her funnies moments with The Best of Amy Poehler, which features her as semi-spastic Kaitlin, Hilary Clinton, and, of course, the co-anchor of Weekend Update.


Leslie Knope Button Set

Leslie Knope Buttons, $7, Etsy

These Leslie Knope buttons are adorable and a great stocking stuffer for your Parks and Recreation obsessed friend. This set from the Etsy shop Best Play Ever features some great quotes from the show and an illustrated Leslie Knope.


Yes Please Necklace

Yes Please Necklace, $16, Etsy

After reading Yes Please, your friend may need a reminder that they can have anything and be anything they want. This sweet Yes Please necklace is the perfect accessory to do just that.


Weekend Update Action Figures

Action Figures, $9.90, Amazon

Action figures are bad*ss heroes, right? That's exactly why there's a Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figure set. Now you can tote your own little Amy around in your pocket (and Tina, too) to remind you that, "b*tches get sh*t done."


Amy Poehler Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag, $36, Etsy

One of Poehler's most inspirational quotes is now emblazoned on a makeup bag, perfect for the Poehler fan on the go.


Embroidered Hoop Quote

Quote Embroidered Hoop, $22, Etsy

I love this and I wish I hadn't already bought my BFF her gifts because this would be at the top of her pile. Not only is there a great quote embroidered in the hoop, it's also from our favorite lady. It's a subtle version of a Poehler gift, but it will still be a huge hit and loved.


She's The Tina To My Amy Shirt

Tina Fey To My Amy Poehler Shirt, $23.99, Look Human

I know I keep talking about my BFF, but y'all just don't know how much she needs Look Human's Tina Fey To My Amy Poehler shirt. There's another version with the names switched, so you and your bestie can choose the one that fits you best, stand next to each other, and look like the total bestie that you are.


Yes Please Bunting

Yes Please Bunting, $9, Etsy

Another reminder of Poehler's memoir, this Yes Please bunting one is great to hang in an office, a bedroom, anywhere that your friend will need a reminder that they can totally do it, no matter what it is.


'Parks And Recreation' Complete Series

Parks and Recreation: The Complete Series, $67.50, Amazon

The hilarious show is on Netflix now, but we all know how quickly Netflix shows can disappear. Gift the Poehler fan in your life with the Parks and Recreation DVD set so they can watchLeslie Knope whenever they want.


Watercolor Amy Poehler Quote

Amy Poehler Watercolor Floral Typography, $2.49, Etsy

So gorgeous, so inspirational, and so perfect for any Poehler fan. This Amy Poehler watercolor quote is available as an immediate download, so you don't have to wait to frame this one for your Poehler-ians.

Images: NBC Universal