13 Baby Halloween Costumes That Make Diaper Changing Easy

Getting psyched for your kid's first Halloween is a rite of passage for many parents, because it's such a fun, photo-worthy event. But how well do most costumes hold up to the realities of baby life? Looking at the Halloween costumes for babies that make diaper changing easy is a festive and practical way to approach the occasion.

Sure, if your kid is under a year old, he might not understand the whole concept of Halloween yet. In fact, he might not even notice a difference between costumes and everyday clothes. But putting your adorable baby in an equally adorable outfit for Halloween is a time-honored tradition, even if your little one isn't old enough to eat candy quite yet. The pictures alone are well worth the effort.

That said, many Halloween costumes do require more effort than the average baby outfit. Thankfully, plenty of costumers understand that parents need pretty quick access to babies at all times, even on holidays. After all, the likelihood of your kid having a diaper disaster is often directly related to the adorableness of your baby's outfit. To prevent these total disasters, there are tons of infant costumes with velcro closures or snaps on the back. If that isn't your style, the go the easy route with a holiday-themed onesie and a few choice accessories. Whatever the case, your baby will be be perfectly dressed for Halloween, but still able to act like a baby.


Rock Lobster

Your baby will be the catch of the day in this getup. Fortunately, the infant lobster costume only looks intricate. Snap buttons in the back allow for quick and easy diaper changes.

Lobster Costume, $45, Halloween Costumes


The No-Costume Costume

If you're a major Arya fan, then this onesie is a must. The Game of Thrones baby Halloween costume ($16+) is clever and sure to please any fellow GOT nerds. The rest of your family can wear creepy masks to complete the look.

Game of Thrones Baby Costume, $16+, Etsy


Sweet Pea

Go green for Halloween. The pea pod bunting costume is sweet and snuggly. Plus, it's made like a sleeping bag, so you can easily access the baby at any time.

Pea Pod Costume, $20, Target


Candy Corn Kid

Controversial opinion time: candy corn is the best Halloween candy. Even if you disagree, dressing your kid as this seasonal treat is a sweet idea. Start with a candy corn onesie, then add a candy corn hat and some candy corn leg warmers. It's an easy take on the tricolored candy.

Candy Corn Onesie, $17, Amazon; Candy Corn Hat, $13, Etsy; Candy Corn Leg Warmers, $7, Etsy


Batty Child

Bats are more adorable than scary, at least when this costume is involved. The baby Blaine the bat costume is a pretty plush bodysuit. Plus, there's a velcro closure on the back. Look at the little pointed ears and wings: it's precious.

Baby Blaine the Bat Costume, $45, Spirit Halloween


Saucy Twins

These looks are so cute, you could just eat them up. The Sriracha and soy sauce baby costumes would be perfect for twins, or any baby BFFs around the same age. Perfect for any children of foodies.

Sriracha and Soy Sauce Costumes, $59, Etsy


Little Pumpkin

If your little one needs to bundle up this Halloween, look no further than this fleece number. The pumpkin face costume is made of fleece and super snuggly. In addition, the full body snap placket makes dressing your kiddo a cinch.

Pumpkin Costume, $20, Toys R Us


Just Kitten

Put your own spin on the traditional black cat costume. Grab a black onesie, or spring for this cat costume one piece. Add a cat face hat and some adorable kitten paw booties. This cat is nothing but good luck.

Cat Onesie, $15, Amazon; Cat Face Hat, $6-17, Amazon; Kitten Paw Booties, $12, Etsy


Tropical Child

Still dreaming of summer? Bring on tropical vibes with a little monster pineapple costume. The micro-fleece costume is adorable, and super easy to remove.

Pineapple Costume, $40, Amazon


Tiny Mummy

It's a classic Halloween look, and the assembly is super simple. Start with a baby mummy costume and white baby hat. Throw on some striped baby pants, and your mini-mummy is good to go.

Baby Mummy Costume, $25, Etsy; White hat, $3, Amazon; Striped Baby Pants, $14, Amazon


Puppy Love

Make your kid the cutest doggo on the block this year. The baby puppy costume is sure to earn lots of treats. Oh, and the one piece jumpsuit has snaps for diaper changes.

Puppy Costume, $29, Amazon


Wild West

Make Halloween night feel like high noon. Start with a cowboy infant shirt, then add some black baby pants. Add some baby cowboy boots and a knitted cowboy hat and you're all set.

Cowboy Shirt, $7, Amazon; Black Knit Pants, $7, Amazon; Cowboy Boots, $13, Amazon; Knit Cowboy Hat, $11, Amazon



Fight fire with cuteness. The firefighter Halloween costume is pure perfection. If you're into themed costumes, check out the children's dalmatian costume for a slightly older sibling. Your family will have the hottest Halloween looks around.

Firefighter Costume, $10+, Amazon; Dalmatian Costume, $40, Amazon

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