13 Baby Names For Confident Children That'll Help Them Stand Tall No Matter What


E.E Cummings wrote that, "once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit." Having confidence is truly the foundation of a successful, brave life. To most parents, imparting this trait to their children from a young age is a top priority but finding the perfect baby name for confident children can seem like quite the undertaking.

Although choosing the perfect baby name won't guarantee that your child will have self-confidence to spare, it can certainly lay the foundation, as well as serve as a daily reminder of the importance of cultivating the trait. With all of the pressures kids face as they grow up, having a name that inspires them to be themselves and stand out could make a huge difference.

Whether you're looking for a name that literally means confident or are on the hunt for inspirational namesakes to inspire your child, this round up has you covered. There are some names that are the dictionary definition of confidence, some just have that "certain something" that exudes confidence, and others are inspired from confident people who have accomplished great things. No matter the name you choose, the fact that you're searching for names to inspire self-confidence means that you're already on the right track.

1. Brianne

thejbird/ Flickr

The Celtic word for strong is unique and exudes a sense of confidence right off the bat. The subtle twist on the more common Brianna makes it stand out even more and the name could be shortened to Bri or Bria to add an extra kick.

2. Everett

Ashley Webb/ Flickr

This old English name means "brave as a wild boar" (who are usually known for their fierceness). It makes a great name for your little leader to be, and has even become a popular choice for a baby girl.

3. Aila

Hebe Aguilera/ Flickr

This short and sweet name is as unique as it is inspiring. It's a Scottish name name meaning "from the strong place" and is a strong, feminine choice.

4. Isa

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This gender neutral option means "strong-willed" and certainly packs a big meaning in a short, powerful name.

5. Vera

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From the Latin word for true, this name exudes confidence. As a less common "V" name, she'll automatically stand out from the crowd.

6. Audrey

Meaning "noble strength," this name has a lot going for it. Actress Audrey Hepburn is perhaps the most well known bearer of the name and was famous for her humanitarian acts and her encouragement to girls that beauty comes from within.

7. Andrew

Rolands Lakis

This classic boy's name is as strong as it gets— literally meaning "strong and manly". It has been the name of presidents, actors, kings, artists and leaders of all kinds.

8. Griffin

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Though the name has ancient Celtic roots, it's becoming more and more popular. It means "strong lord" and would make a great choice for a baby boy.

9. Denzel

James Chew/ Flickr

This name has a meaning— from the high stronghold — to match it's impressive namesake . How can you not be confident with a name like that?

10. Valerie

Greg Westfall/ Flickr

Originally the name of a martyred saint, Valerie stems from the word for valor meaning "strength and health." It exudes femininity and strength— two things that should always go hand in hand.

11. Duke

Philippe Put/ Flickr

This boy's name is a high rank of English nobility and sounds as confident as a Duke should be.

12. Amelia

Tekniska Museet/ Flickr

This gorgeous Victorian name is forever linked to aviatrix Amelia Earhart— but what better namesake to inspire confidence in your baby girl?

13. Leonardo

Whether you think of Da Vinci or Di Caprio, Leonardo definitely has the odds stacked in it's favor. It means brave lion and it doesn't get much more confident than that.