13 Baby Names For Future Singers, Because Crying Could Turn Into Crooning Someday

Music has the power to influence decisions. Cranking up a high-energy song while you run can motivate you to push yourself on that last half mile. Listening to an old mix may take you back to childhood and inspire you to call your best friend from middle school. So there is no reason that a parent-to-be, shouldn't let music be an influence in choosing a baby name — especially if musical talent runs in the family. If you want to choose a baby name for a future singer, turn to names with a musical influence.

From terminology to names that literally mean song, there are great options to pull from when considering a baby name. It doesn't take much imagination to picture these names up in lights at every concert venue across the country. By definition, these names are perfect for helping any little one fulfill their destiny as a great singer and make their special mark on the world of music. And one day in the future, when they are cashing those checks, let's hope they find a special way to thank their parents for the cool name. (I'm thinking beach house in Hawaii, but that's just me.)

Have a musical bun in the oven? Consider these names for future singers and start making room for all the talent show trophies.



This is name with two great meanings. When something is in harmony, it is in agreement, working together happily. So in the musical realm, harmony is notes that sound good together.



Gaining popularity in the past 20 years, Cadence means "rhythm, or beat", making it perfect for any future headliner.



The name Melody means "song", but in music is the sequence of notes that is repeated in a song.



A singing voice in the lower range is called an alto. This masculine sounding name can work for a boy and even be shortened to Al.



In music, an aria is a song meant for a solo voice. So set your budding star on the path to be the front woman, with this pretty name of latin decent.



Words to a song, called lyrics, are what make you sing along at the top of your lungs. Perfect name inspiration for a songstress in the making.



A reed is part of wind instruments, and is the main piece responsible for creating sound. Let this sound-maker inspire your future singer by giving your baby the name, Reed.



Think outside the box with a name like Harp, that can be gender-neutral while giving a nod to a classic musical instrument.



With a Latin-American heritage, Camline means "song", and is usually given to boys, although I could see it working for a girl when spelled Camlyn.



For a name that is more common and not as obviously musical, Chantal has roots in the word, chant, which means "song" in French.



The name Lark means "songbird", and is most commonly used for girls. It has a fun and playful sounds and makes me think of an indie folk singer with flowers painted on her guitar.



A traditionally male name, meaning "song bird", Zamir also sounds unique and would make a really cool band name all on its own.



If your style is go big or go home, just put it out there by naming your child, Song. This literal approach will definitely inspire your child to pick up a guitar and strike up a chorus.