13 Baby Names Inspired By Children’s Books To Fulfill Your Love Of Literature

brightly colored spines and cheerful titles bring about a feeling of nostalgia and happiness. When I was pregnant with my little girl, I decided to name her Alice and bought a pink edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to don her nursery. Although it wasn’t necessarily a name inspired by a children’s book, I loved the connection and couldn’t wait to instill a love of reading in her heart. And when it comes time to name another baby, you better bet I’m turning to more childhood literary references

There’s just something so magical and special about a children’s book. With characters exhibiting bravery, loyalty, and love on every page, these books can help teach your children so many life lessons. Not to mention, they strengthening your child’s’ imagination, encouraging them to  believe that anything is possible from wizards to talking trees. Choosing a name inspired by your favorite children’s book is not only a nod to your love of literature, but a way to instill these larger-than-life characteristics into your child. Whether you want your little girl to represent bravery above everything else or for your little man to be compassionate and thoughtful, these 13 baby names inspired from children’s books are sure to help you narrow it down.



A story of twelve little girls in two straight lines, Madeline has become a classic thanks to the precocious, brave titular character. Madeline may be the smallest one, but she proves size means nothing in these charming stories. Yellow hat with ribbon not included, but totally encouraged with this name.



One of my favorites, Milo is a little boy who discovers life isn’t so dull after all in The Phantom Tollbooth. For your adventurous, exciting little guy, gift him with this sweet name which also means soldier or merciful.



Charming, loving, and determined to do what is right, Fern from Charlotte’s Web is a perfect baby name for your future activist. Read the story to her so she knows just how much of a difference her voice can make.



Quirky, outspoken, and incredibly brave, Luna is a favorite character from in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A perfect moniker for an original, unique child of yours.



As the main character of Stuart Little, this little mouse is shy and thoughtful, with a deep love of adventure. He’s a wonderful inspiration for your guy and more proof that everyone has a voice and everyone should be heard, even the tiny ones.



You need motivation to keep your girl from growing up, right? So name her after Wendy, the little girl in Peter Pan. Sure, eventually she learns that being an adult isn’t so bad, but her sweet innocence and care for others is something to invoke in all of your children.



One of Roald Dahl’s best books, Matilda is the story of an exceptionally bright and magical girl that never lets anything get the best of her. She is also lovable and strong in the face of adversity, a characteristic we could all benefit from.



Nobody loves life more than the main character of Ramona Quimby. A name synonymous with zest and energy, Ramona also means wise protector. What great attributes to pass on to your child.



Easily one of the best children’s books ever written, The Snowy Day brings the wonder of a child named Peter to life. With his first snowfall, Peter enjoys the adventure of something new in a way adults totally forget. Try this name on for size with your own magical guy.



Need a leader for your wild rumpus? Take a page out of Where the Wild Things Are and name your boy (or girl) Max. Parenthood’s a wild ride, might as well prepare yourself accordingly.



Instill a hard work ethic into your little girl with the name Laura from Little House on the Prairie. A true pioneer, Laura faces a lot of tragedy in her life, but always remains optimistic, steadfast, and keeps her family a priority. What more could you want from a daughter?



Of the four children in The Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund may be the best namesake. Although he doesn’t always make the best decision (he did, after all, betray his siblings) he’s an excellent example of redemption and owning up to your mistakes. He becomes a loyal, courageous, and trustworthy boy, despite his previous flaws. Everyone gets a second chance and Edmund proves it.



Imaginative and loyal, Christopher Robin gives all of his sweet toys life in The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh. He shows compassion in all situations and is always a happy, cheerful little guy, making the traditional name sweet as can be for your own little adventurer. You can also use his middle name Robin as inspiration for a girl’s name.

Image: Courtesy of Samantha Darby; (13)