These Baby Names Inspired By 'Hocus Pocus' Will Put A Literal ~Spell~ On You

The most amazing time of year is almost upon us which can only mean one thing — it must be fall. Don't get me wrong. I love the sun, the beach and a good frozen margarita (con sal), but there's something about fall and Halloween that gives me all the feels. One of my favorite Halloween movies growing up — and I know I'm not alone on this one — was Hocus Pocus. So, I've created a list of 13 (yes, that's kind of on purpose) baby names inspired by Hocus Pocus, the best Halloween movie ever. I know. You're welcome.

Let's see if you can remember any of the character's names without looking at the list below. But if you can't, don't worry. I had to do some very necessary research for this article so I went ahead and rented this movie — for research purposes, of course. While most of the names on this list are character names from the movie, I did try to get creative. Us millennials are always looking for cool unique baby names, right? Whether you're a mom who loves new and creative names or reviving old fashioned names, there's something for everyone on this list. Especially when you remember that it's all inspired by the magic of Hocus Pocus.



Of course we have to start this list off with the main hero of the movie — the virgin-who-lit-the-black-flame-candle, Max Dennison. According to Baby Center, the name Max is Latin and means "greatest" or "great spring."



Thackery — like Zachary but with a Th — is a great nod to Thackery Binx, the boy who gets turned in to a cat trying to save his sister. Poor Thackery. I think it's safe to say Thackery Binx was likely everyone's favorite character. Thackery (also spelled Thackeray) is a Yorkshire English or Norse name meaning, "nook" or "corner", according to, which is pretty cool.



As in "Allison, Allison, oh, Allison." Not just paying homage to my own name, but wasn't she just the coolest teenage girl character like, ever? Well, at least to my little 4-year-old self she was. According to Baby Center, Allison (also spelled with one L) is an Old English name that means noble and kind. How sweet is that?



Max's sassy little sister Dani seriously made this film oh-so-great. According to Baby Center, Dani is a Hebrew name and the feminine form of Daniel, meaning "God is my judge," which is the perfect name for this character because this Dani seriously just does not GAF about what anyone thinks. Which is why we adore her, right?



If you remember how the movie started out, Thackery's little sister Emily gets kidnapped by the witches and has the life sucked out of her. Sad, I know, but Emily is the perfect name for moms looking to bring back an old school name. With roots all the way back to the Latin language, according to Baby Center, Emily means "eager" or "striving."



The ringleader of the Sanderson sisters, Winnie (or Winifred), was a total boss. (Even if she was a super villain.) But you can still choose this name for your kid since Winnie means "first born daughter," and according to Baby Center, is a Native American name. How interesting is that?



One of my favorite characters in the movie, because of her comedic charm, also shares one of my all-time-favorite girl names — Sarah. An old fashioned name that can totally make a comeback in 2018, Sarah is a Hebrew name that means "Princess," according to Baby Center.



By far the funniest character in the film, even though she was technically one of the "bad guys," was Mary Sanderson. You just couldn't help but find her comedic ignorance endearing. Mary is a a Hebrew name that means "bitter," according to Baby Center, which is not what I would have guessed. But still, it's a great homage to the funniest Sanderson sister.


Ernie or "Ice"

"How many times I gotta tell you? My name ain't Ernie no more, it's Ice." OK, I just had to include this one. According to Baby Center, Ernie means "earnest," which is also the name it originates from. Call him Ice for short, obviously.



As in Salem, Massachusetts, the town where this classic film took place. How cool is the name Salem though? It's super contemporary and creative for either a baby girl or boy. According to Baby Center, this name means "dark and scary" and is slightly more popular for boys than it is for girls. For anyone who loves Halloween, witches, are all things spooky, this is a fun choice.



As in the infamous Sanderson sisters, which is what Hocus Pocus is all about. Sanderson (or Sandy for short?) is an English name and means "Alexander's son," according to the House of Names website. Pretty unique, right?



The classic bad-guy-turned-good-guy-but-was-a-good-guy-all-along character William, or Billy for short. Billy is a German name that means "resolute guardian," according to Baby Center.



Another cool name which was the last name of our main character Max — and probably his sister Dani, although that was never made clear. It's possible Max had a different dad and a different last name? OK, now I'm reading too much into the back story, but how cute is the name Dennison as a first name? I guarantee if you name your child Dennison, they won't have to share their name with anyone in class. The origin and meaning is kind of cool, too. According to the baby name website She Knows, Dennison means "Dennis' son" when used as an English name, but also has Greek roots and means "God of wine."

There's no doubt that Hocus Pocus is seriously one of the best Halloween movies of all time. Not only does it bring us moms such sweet nostalgia, now we can create some super cool baby names inspired by one of our childhood favorites. Let the creativity run amuck! (Amuck! Amuck, amuck, amuck, amuck.)