Baby girl sitting with husky on the floor

13 Baby Names Stolen By Dogs In 2019 That Humans Need To Take Back

Sometimes you hear a mother call for her kid at the grocery store and you think, "Great name, saving that for later," and sometimes you hear it at a dog park. Turns out, baby names for dogs were a hot option in 2019, and honestly it's time for parents to take these back from Fido. (Or Bella.) recently revealed that the top 10 most popular names in 2019, for both male and female puppers, would honestly all double as precious names for human babes, too. If you're loving hyped-up baby names from 2019, a la Oliver and Charlotte, maybe one of these canine substitutes will give you a cool alternative to the mainstream options. As Good Housekeeping reported, 20th century and royalty-related nicknames have topped the lists in the last few years. (Even Meghan and Harry opted for Archie, which fits this trend perfectly.) That theme obviously extended into pets last year.

Rover's 2019 report included a survey that actually did reveal pet parents tap their own baby name lists when they bring home a fur child. 55% of pet owners said their pet either already has a human name, or they would consider using a human name. And 25% of them would even consider giving their pupper or kitten a name they had considered for their own child.

But for your own list, here are the baby names dogs straight up stole from humans last year. Let's reclaim them, and give them back all of the Spot, Buster, and Rufus names.



This name seems to be popular across the species. Isabella was the fourth most popular baby girl name in 2019, reported Good Housekeeping, and fur parents loved it, too. f you're in the market for a different take on this classic name in 2020, shortening it to nickname Bella is a great workaround.



OK, royalty. Human celebs are using names like Reign and Saint for their babies, so why not take Duke back from the dogs for your little prince? Parents who aren't into nicknaming will also like that this one can't be shortened into anything else.



As astrology became more popular in 2019, so did celestial monikers like Luna. If you're a big believer in sun and moon signs, it'd be a striking name for your newest little star. And while lots of pets are Lunas, have you ever met one at a toddler play date? Unlikely.



Names like Sawyer, Parker, Archer, and more have been all over popular baby name lists the last few years. It's no surprise another old-school occupations-turned-names made its way into Rover's survey this year: Cooper. Definitely stealing this one.



Short for Sarah, Sadie is popular among pets (the ninth most popular, to be exact), but should definitely make a comeback among people. Parents who love older-sounding names like Sophia and Mia in 2019 should seriously consider setting the Sadie trend heading into 2020.




Maximus, Maxwell, or Maxine? Max has traditionally been used for male dogs (and humans), but could be totally unique on a baby girl. This unisex name is timeless, and unlike Charlie/Charlotte, isn't heard too often.



Who hasn't met a dog named Lucy? As the third most common dog name of 2019, you've definitely been around one in the last year. But as an elegant nickname for Lucia, Lucille, or Lucinda, why not give it to your little girl?



Number 10 on Rover's list was Teddy, but number eight Bear is even more unique. Plenty of pups embody the fuzzy body and lumbering lope of an actual bear, but this woodsy, masculine name could be pretty cool for a bouncing baby boy. Besides, who doesn't want their own little cub?



Sixth-ranked Zoe translates to "life" in Greek, and has been around for literal centuries. While labs and retrievers often earn the name, your future child could totally rock it, too. It also rolls off the tongue as a middle name.



Charlotte came in at number six on the most-used baby name list for 2019, per Good Housekeeping. Charlie or Charley are adorable unisex nicknames for Charlotte and Charles, so opting for Charlie is a great way to keep the essence of the name but also go your own way.



Molly is the perfect fit for a happy-go-lucky puppy, but why not steal it for your joyful baby? People named Molly always seem to have a radiant smile and positive vibe, which is a great gift to give to your newborn.



Floral names harken back to generations of Roses, Irises, and Violets. Lily is a cute name on a fluffy little lap dog, and just as lovable on a sweet baby girl. It's one of those names that ages well, too, so you know your little girl can wear 'Lily' well her whole life through.



Jack was the seventh most popular name for dogs, but can you imagine the cuteness of a newborn with that name? It also sounds great on a rambunctious child, a moody teen, and a grownup. Plus, Jack has been used for centuries as a nickname for Jackson, Joaquin, and Jacob, so it's super versatile.