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Here Are The 13 Best Amazon Prime Deals For Kids Clothes

by Emily Kelleher

It's hard to imagine a world where Amazon couldn't deliver whatever you need in 48 hours or less. A world where every purchase involved schlepping the kids around in the car, turning a 20 minute trip to the store into an hour long ordeal complete with two diaper changes, three tantrums, and a sudden desire to rip your hair out. If you're one of the countless moms out there that relies on Amazon Prime to make your life easier, don't miss these Amazon Prime deals on kids clothes. They'll save you a trip to the store, a bit of money, and possibly a fight in the dressing room.

There's everything from onesies to swaddle sacks, and even a "big brother" tee, which, might I add, would be the perfect pregnancy announcement if you're still deciding on how to break the news. You can grab some swimsuits for a last minute vacation, or get a head start on school shopping which, as we all know, is its own version of hell. These deals are exclusively for Amazon Prime members, so if you're not a Prime member now's a good time to join. There's even an app that makes it easy to view Prime Day deals on the go. Good luck prying yourself away when the inevitable "MOMMMM" comes calling.


Organic Infant 4 Piece Set

Stars and stripes adorn this adorable 4-piece set which is sure to keep your little one cozy. It's on sale today for $17.49, which is a great price for a set that's made entirely out of organic cotton. Plus, with pants and a hat, this outfit can be worn in both winter and summer.