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13 Beyoncé-Inspired Baby Names, Because Why Not?

When Beyoncé does something, people pay attention. The eminently-talented working mom (she acts, writes, sings, designs, and probably does about a million other things as well) rose to fame as a member of late '90sR&B girls group, Destiny's Child. But since then, she's become a solo icon for her poise, activism, and style (Seirously, can we discuss her how-does-she-do-it flawless hair, which always looks perfect no matter how she wears it.) It's clear that she's a pretty admirable woman. Though members of the Beyhive show their support in many different ways, Beyoncé-inspired baby names definitely say, "I'm a fan."

Names are both subtle and, well, diehard ways of showing support or admiration. Beyoncé has been in the public eye for quite awhile and the devotion of her fans don't show any signs of waning anytime soon. Plus, with the recent announcements that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z are expecting twins, you can bet Beyoncé-inspired baby names will become even more popular pretty soon. Check out these names inspired by The Queen herself — from her upbringing to her musical career to everything in between. And who knows, maybe a Bey-inspired name will help your little one will become a mini-Beyoncé some day.



After marrying Jay Z in 2008, MTV noted that Beyoncé changed her last name is now Knowles-Carter. This is an amazing name for a boy or girl, through meaning, "drives a cart," may not win anyone over.



The reason to take this name is pretty obvious — it's her daughter's name. But do you know why? According to Elle, that's a Blue Ivy's name is a reference to the Roman numeral for four, which is the date Beyoncé's birthday, Jay Z's birthday, and their wedding date.



Beyoncé's stage name and part of the title of one of her albums, Sasha also means "defender of mankind."



Beyoncé's athleisure line (a partnership with Topshop), is called Ivy Park (that's that IV reference again). Parker means "park keeper," which, though not sexy, is still pretty cool.



Though you only need the one moniker to refer to her, Beyoncé's middle name, Giselle, is a French name meaning "pledge" or "oath."



Houston, meaning "from the hill town," is a good choice if you're looking for a slightly more unusual name for your child. Not to mention it pays tribute to Beyoncé's hometown.



This English name, meaning "valley," was the name of Bey's character in Dreamgirls.



Obviously in reference to Destiny's Child, the name means "fate" or "fortune."



Beyoncé and Jay Z bought a townhouse in London a few years ago, according to Glamour UK. So why not honor their home away from home with a beautiful name?



According to CNN, Beyoncé sang Etta James' "At Last" at one of former President Barack Obama's 2009 inaugural balls. James (which Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have taught us is also a good choice for a little girl) is one of the most popular boy's names ever.



Maybe a strange choice, but Lemon was a popular name choice in the late 19th century. Nowadays, it's usually considered a girl's name, but it's traditionally looked upon as unisex.



Also the name of Beyoncé's mom and collaborator on House of Deréon, which folded in 2012, according to VH1, Tina means "one who honors God."



Corey is actually Jay Z's middle name and means "from the hollow." It's a subtle nod to Queen Bey but hey, Jay Z might be the biggest Beyoncé fan of all time.