13 Celebrity-Inspired Baby Names To Prepare Your Child For An A-List Life

It’s impossible to know your baby’s personality when all you have to judge them on is their kicking skills and heartburn-causing qualities, but it’s always fun to imagine what they’ll become one day. Maybe they’ll be a doctor, CEO of a startup, or teach. The possibilities are endless. When you start to imagine all the things they could be, you realize you need to choose a name that makes all of it possible. And if you’re hoping your baby becomes a superstar, then you totally need a list of celebrity baby names.

Some celebrities get a bad rep for their tabloid appearances. But for the most part, celebrities are celebrities because they are immensely talented and are creative types. What’s wrong with that persona? It’s when the spotlight gets to their head and they become insufferable, entitled morons that there’s a problem. But if you can see your kiddo in the creative field, making movies, telling stories, creating art, and becoming an inspiration for the future generations, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not saying you should sign your baby up for the first casting call you can find once they’re out of your womb, but if you’re looking to instill some power, star dust, and creativity into your little guy or girl, these 17 celebrity names can help. Focus on the good parts of being a celeb, like the ability to defy gender stereotypes and have a powerful voice, and even the most cynical person can appreciate these star power names.



There are few celebrities more iconic than Marilyn Monroe and her allure is still present today. The name is glamorous, full of star power, and perfectly sweet.



Charlize Theron was always a powerful actress, but with the news that she will be taking on a role once intended for Brad Pitt, it’s obvious she’s the ultimate girl power icon right now. From kicking *ss in Mad Max: Fury Road to starring in comedies like A Million Ways to Die in the West, she’s an inspirational star.



A classic and endearing name, Johnny may sound like a nickname, but Johnny Depp has sure proven that it can stand on its own. Few actors become their characters as wholly as Depp and his talent and creativity are something to behold. Plus, the name can be unisex and is a charming moniker for your own creative child.



The Beatles are still a prevalent part of pop culture and their leading man, John Lennon, left a legacy that can’t be beat. He fought for peace, believed in the good of people, and penned some beautiful lyrics. Honor this musician by gracing your own baby with his lovely surname, Lennon. Best part? It’s gender neutral.



It doesn’t get more classic than Anne and thanks to superstar Anne Hathaway, it’s classy and talented, too. The name actually means grace, which more than accurately describes the Academy Award winner.



Orlando’s not just the home of our favorite talking mouse, it’s also the name of Orlando Bloom, are favorite swashbuckling pirate and elf. He’s also a great example of staying friendly with an ex, making him a mature gentleman of a celebrity.



Whether you want to honor the inspirational Demi Lovato or the incredible Demi Moore, the name is perfect for your own baby girl. Consider the star power behind the name and that it means half, proving your baby is the best part of you.



With both Liam Hemsworth and Liam Neeson in the same category, you can’t argue that Liam isn’t a name fit for your little superstar.



Everyone hopes that their child turns out well-rounded, so naming them after the ultimate renaissance man, Hugh Jackman, seems like a good place to start. The guy sings on Broadway and also plays Wolverine. It doesn’t get much better than that.



Another unisex name for your baby, Blake Lively is glamorous, funny, and half of our favorite power couple.



He may not have won an Oscar (yet), but Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the most talented actors in the world. He’s incredibly versatile and really dives into his characters, making us all weak in the knees. Leo is my favorite version of his name, but Leonardo is charming enough to use all the time.



Emma Watson and Emma Stone have both paved some serious girl power paths for women in movies, so it’s fitting that your own girl take on the name. Meaning universal, the name is proof that you need intelligence, a sense of humor, and talent to keep your stardom.



For another unisex name, it doesn’t get much bigger in the celebrity world than the name Taylor. Taylor Swift needs no introduction and is the hottest star out there right now. Plus, she’s mega-talented, loves her fans, and earns everything she has, definitely something to instill in your little one.

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