13 City-Inspired Baby Names That'll Encourage Your Tot To Travel the World

A lot of things change when you have kids, especially your hobbies. A report from the U.S. Travel Association noted that 31 percent of adults traveled with children in 2008, but the numbers dropped in 2012 with only 26 percent of adults traveling with their little ones in tow. I get it — traveling with kids is hard. But your love of travel shouldn’t stop when you become a parent. In fact, it’s something you should pass on to your child by decorating their nursery in vintage maps or gifting them with one of many city-inspired baby names.

With so many incredible places in the world, cities steeped in history and full of culture, it’s no wonder you want your child to be well-traveled, even if they’re just a baby. By exploring the world and seeking out adventure, your kid won’t grow up in a bubble representing who they are. Instead, they’ll have life experiences and memories that will open them up to understand the world around them. They will be grateful for the opportunity and grow up knowing that there is so much more in the world to see than their own space. So why let your love of the world fizzle out while waiting for your kid to be big enough to enjoy a plane ride? Gift them with the travel bug early with one of these 13 city-inspired baby names chosen to enrich your little one with creativity, culture, and class.



One of the most loved cities in the world, bestowing the name London on your child means gifting them a rich, charming, and old-world name that will stand the test of time. Both modern and vintage, edgy and traditional, London is perfect for your traveling tot. Cheerio, ol’ chap!



Home of Coney Island, Brooklyn, the most populous borough in New York City, is an icon. The name does well for both a boy and a girl, and your kid will be a living legend with this hip city’s inspiration.



An English seaside town, Brighton boasts itself as a creative, colorful place to visit. What more could you want in a name for your little one? It projects happiness and could come with an adorable British baby accent to boot.



Full of museums and gorgeous churches, this historical city in Russia was once chosen to be the capital during World War II if Moscow were to fall. Today, it is a huge cultural center, making the moniker a perfect choice for your diverse babe.



Austria’s capital, Vienna, is a gorgeous European city worth visiting and naming your child after. Dripping with history, this city boasts some incredible architecture in its palaces and the food is out of this world. For your tiny trendsetter, the name Vienna is rich and glam.



Looking for something a little more down-home? You can’t go wrong with Memphis. Inspired by the city in Tennessee, this sweet moniker fits like your favorite pair of faded jeans or your trusty leather boots. With deep musical roots and a taste of BBQ in the air, gifting your little guy with the name Memphis means giving him a laid back and cozy name.



Who doesn’t dream about Paris? A European gem, this romantic capital of France is dripping with glamour and luxury. But the city is also full of its own history and enriching culture, so it works as a versatile name for your little bebe.



Another one from the boroughs of New York City, Bronx is the perfect name for your defying-the-odds kid. Want to embrace the culture of hip hop, a genre that has paved ways for some of the most influential artists, and a baseball team that has become legendary? Look no further than The Bronx, New York.



The quirkiest city in Texas is beloved by millions and can be used as a killer baby name, too. Austin is lovely for a little guy, but could be different and unique for your girl, just like the city itself. With an incredible music scene and an entertainment district you could get lost in, Austin is worth a visit and a baby name.



So you need a name for your girl that is darling and soft, but won’t take any sh*t either? Take a look at Savannah, an incredible city in Georgia. Full of that southern charm most can’t resist and a rich history, this name is perfect for your little sassafrass.



The smallest city in Central America, El Salvador boasts some great archaeological sites and amazing seafood. If you’re looking for an adventurous name for your little guy, let Salvador be your inspiration.



An English city, Bristol is known for its artists, its passionate population, and being the UK’s first cycling city. For the life-of-the-party babe, Bristol is the perfect spirited name.



A North African city rich in culture, Morocco is full of gorgeous scenery, amazing food, and incredible people. Shorten the city to Rocco for a trendy vibe, but know that this city’s inspiration is warm and colorful.

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