13 Creepy Halloween Costumes For Babies Who Are Spooky AF

If you have a long tradition of rocking terrifying Halloween costumes, that doesn't have to change when you become a parent. There are tons of creepy halloween costumes for babies sure to delight any fan of the grotesque. Because chances are, your offspring will enjoy the spookiness as much as you do. Well, once they're old enough to understand what the holiday is all about.

Of course, most baby Halloween costumes tend toward the cute side of things. And why not? Tiny puppy dogs, fairies, and pumpkins will always be celebrated. But it takes a special kind of parent to introduce a baby to the creepier side of Halloween right away, and I appreciate the dedication. Seriously: if you dress your kid like a haunted baby doll, then we should probably be friends, because you are an awesome human.

Whether you want to go lightly unnerving with a werewolf costume, or full-on freaky with a mummy bunting, there are plenty of choices for the parents who like the darker side of the holiday. Hey, your kid's already cute: why not pop him in a skeleton onesie to make your friends and family a little unnerved for the evening? It's all in the spirit of the holiday.


Haunted Baby Doll

Organic Baby Gown, $48, Amazon | Woven Infant Wig, $12, Amazon | Keepsake Baby Rattle, $70, Amazon

Dress your baby in antique styles for a creepy vintage look. Start with an organic baby gown, then add a woven infant wig for more of a dolly flair. Bust out the keepsake baby rattle if you have one to complete the effect.

Seriously: there are plenty of gown and wig combos you could use for this getup. For inspiration, check out the list of antique dolls that will kill you in your sleep, courtesy of Buzzfeed. Just don't expect to sleep well for the next week or so.


Skeleton Child

Skeleton Halloween Costume, $14, Amazon

So there's something unsettling about the mannequin modeling it, but the costume itself gives me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. The skeleton Halloween costume is seriously spooky. Just look at the bone details on the hood.



Micro Staph Romper, $20, Amazon | Green Baby pants, $12, Amazon | Sick Day Plushed, $20, Giant Microbes

This is perfect for any healthcare worker's child. Begin with a micro staph romper, then add some green baby pants. A collection of sick day plushes, featuring the common cold, cough, cavity, sore throat, and ear ache complete the look. (Please note: the plushes are designed for children aged 3 and up, so supervise very young kids around these toys.)


Zombie Baby

Baby Zombie Costume, $29, Etsy

Get that post-apocalyptic vibe in a simple onesie. The baby zombie costume looks legitimately distressed. This dirty, splattered getup will transform your little one into a member of the undead.


Mini Frankenstein

Baby Monster Costume, $12+, Amazon

Dr. Frankenstein's monster never looked so... tiny. The baby monster costume is detailed with a scar, bolts through the neck, and a torn-up vest. The shock of hair alone makes the look.


Tarantula Baby

Baby Tarantula Costume, $36, Amazon

Even if you don't have arachnophobia, this getup is scary. The baby's tarantula costume will transform your little one into a leggy, hairy, red-eyed spider. It's even better if your kid is at the crawling stage.



Wolfman Baby Costume, $47, Amazon

Is there a full moon tonight? The wolfman baby costume is hairy and scary. Just look at the busted-up jeans and big claws.


Scary Clown

Baby Clown Costume, $34, Amazon

Never mind the bright colors or the smiling baby model: this costume is terrifying. The baby clown costume features a bright, frilly jumpsuit, slip-on booties, and a hat with attached hair. Plus, it taps into the universal fear of clowns.


Ouija Board

Ouija Board Onesie, $11, Amazon | Goodbye Baby Hat, $11, Cafe Press

Is this the simplest baby costume of all? Y-E-S. Get a ouija board onesie and a goodbye baby hat. You're all set for a fortunate evening.


Mummy Baby

Mummy Bunting Baby Costume, $22, Amazon

If you have a tiny newborn, then Halloween is a wrap. The mummy bunting baby costume will keep your infant sweetly swaddled while unnerving everyone else. Plus, you get to make mummy puns all evening.


Terrifying Gnome Child

Baby Gnome Costume, $30+, Amazon

Something about a bearded infant is disquieting. At any rate, the baby gnome costume is a unique take on Halloween. Your whole family could dress as creepy lawn ornaments for a themed look.


Witchy Baby

Lace Witch Costume, $21+, Amazon

Conjure up some candy with this look. The lace witch costume is both elegant and spooky. OK, it's also completely adorable.


Very Superstitious Baby

Lucky Thirteen Romper, $18, CafePress | Black Cat Baby Pants, $4, Amazon | Open Umbrella Baby Hat, $11, CafePress

If your baby will be 13 months old this October, you're kind of obligated to use this costume. Get a lucky thirteen romper, some black cat baby pants, and an open umbrella baby hat. It's cool: your baby's cuteness is its own good luck charm.

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