13 Crockpot Meals Impossible To Eff Up, Because Sometimes Dinner Needs To Take Care Of Its Own Self

Cooking is one of my favorite things in the world. I love finding a recipe, collect the ingredients at the grocery store, and chopping, stirring, and sauteing them into a delicious dish. There is something so satisfying about preparing a meal, especially for those you love, and enjoying good food. It’s almost therapeutic.

But you know what’s even better? Throwing a bunch of raw stuff into a pot and letting it do all the work. Easy crockpot meals are a total godsend, am I right? After a long day, the last thing anyone wants to do is pull out a chopping board and prepare the kitchen for a disaster. There’s been too many nights where I have a one-year-old screaming at my feet, a sink overflowing with dishes, and sweat pouring down my forehead as I try to fix something other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner. And you know what? It doesn’t have to be that way. Crockpot meals not only make cleaning up a breeze, but they take all of the work out of cooking. Dump in your ingredients, hit a button, and let your house fill with the smell of dinner. It’s like when you’re a kid and you walked in the door to your parents plating up dinner, but this time, it’s a kitchen appliance bubbling away. Get your grocery list ready, because these 13 easy crockpot meals are about to make your nights so much easier.


Coconut Red Curry Crockpot Pork Tenderloin

Thai food in the crockpot? Um, yes please. This coconut red curry pork tenderloin from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs is proof that a delicious curry can pretty much cook itself.


Crockpot Raspberry Chipotle Chicken

Every crockpot chef needs a great shredded chicken recipe in their repertoire, especially one packed with flavor. From Ari’s Menu, this raspberry chipotle chicken is both sweet and spicy, making it perfect to serve in a taco shell, atop a bun, or on it’s own.


Slow Cooker Jambalaya

With plump shrimp and diced ham making up the meat of this crockpot jambalaya recipe from A Spicy Perspective, it’s both filling and easy. Let everyone think you slaved away making this spicy, flavorful dish.


Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup

It’s cold, you’re starving, and all you want to do is cuddle on the couch. That’s where this tomato basil soup recipe from Big Girls, Small Kitchens comes in handy. A robust, creamy soup that does all the work for you? Sign me up.


Moroccan Chicken with Chickpeas, Dates, and Raisins

I love international food, but the thought of cooking it can be overwhelming and intimidating. But this flavorful, hearty, and healthy Moroccan chicken recipe from Cara’s Cravings seems like something I can handle.


Slow Cooker Potato Soup

This creamy potato soup from Budget Bytes needs to be on your dinner menu immediately. It’s one of those great crockpot recipes you can prep for a week in advance with all of the chopped vegetables if you’re proactive like that, or you can throw everything in before you leave for work and come home to a hot meal.


Crockpot Bacon Ranch Chicken Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of my favorite things, but making them to order can take forever and dirty up my entire kitchen. This bacon ranch chicken sandwich recipe from Family Fresh Meals, however is a simple, mouth-watering meal everyone will love.


White Bean and Pumpkin Pork Chili

What better way to celebrate fall than with Foodie Crush’s pumpkin  chili? Originally a stovetop recipe, it’s been adapted for your crockpot making it an easy weeknight meal.



Beef in the crockpot might make you nervous, but this barbacoa recipe from Gimme Some Oven is flavorful and tender. This is a great one to have on hand when you want to host a last-minute taco night.


Crockpot Carne Asada Beer Chili

You never have too many chili recipes. This carne asada chile from Half Baked Harvest is basically a carne asada taco in chili form.


Cheesy Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore

A stick-to-your-ribs meal, this cheesy chicken cacciatore from The Comfort of Cooking requires minimal effort and is packed full of veggies. All the extra work required is cooking up some pasta to hold this heavy sauce.

Image: The Comfort of Cooking


Beef and Broccoli

Craving take-out, but don’t actually want to go out? Thanks to this beef and broccoli recipe from Table for Two, you can treat your family to a tradition Chinese dish from the comfort of your home.


Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup may be one of my favorite meals ever, especially when all it requires chopping a few veggies and dumping in some beans. From Two Peas and Their Pod, this slow cooker minestrone soup recipe will make your weekly menu with its healthy ingredients and flavor punch.

Images: Courtesy of Half Baked HarvestA Pretty Life in the SuburbsAri’s MenuA Spicy Perspective; Big Girls Small Kitchens; Cara’s Cravings; Budget Bytes; Family Fresh MealsfoodiecrushGimme Some OvenTable for TwoTwo Peas and Their Pod