13 Cute Football-Themed Maternity Shirts To Rock On Super Bowl Sunday 2019

I know there are a lot of unpleasant side effects that come along with being pregnant, but for me, the belly makes them all worth it. I'm not exaggerating when I say I love my bump (and I have dozens upon dozens of pictures to prove it). You better believe I got cheesy, "look at my bump" shirts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and this Sunday, I'm adding to my collection with a cute football-themed pregnancy shirt to wear during the Super Bowl.

Your Super Bowl Sunday might look a bit different this year than other years – you know, considering you can't have any beer and will probably need about 20 bathroom breaks – but that doesn't mean it won't be just as fun. I've found that embracing my evolving body and planning festive maternity outfits has made everything feel special, despite the sacrifices. Plus, all of those mouthwatering Super Bowl dishes somehow taste even better when you're super pregnant and therefore constantly super hungry. On that note, are you aware that calories don't even count on game day? It's true — I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere.

While you're daydreaming about all the food you're going to eat on during the big event, pick out a football-themed, bump-friendly shirt to get you in the spirit.

1Maternity Football Heart Pregnancy T-Shirt

Maternity Football Heart Pregnancy T-Shirt

Crazy Dog Tshirts

This super soft tee with a football heart is the perfect way to accentuate your bump. Note that the vendor says it runs a bit small, so round up if you're not sure which size to choose.

2Mommy's Little Kicker Shirt

Mommy's Little Kicker Shirt


Every event I attend is infinitely better with those little baby kicks This shirt's for you, if you think so, too.

3Tailgating for Two Shirt

Tailgating for Two Shirt


Not only is this top super cute, but it just reaffirms that you deserve twice as many Super Bowl snacks! It comes in 13 different colors, so you can support your team and show off your bump simultaneously.

4Touchdown Football Maternity Shirt

Touchdown Football Maternity Shirt


The players aren't the only one scoring touchdowns. Celebrate your family's big win with this clever shirt from Etsy vendor TheMaternityShop. You'll be sure to get a few laughs.

5We're Hungry Football Lover T-Shirt

"We're Hungry" Football Lover T-Shirt

Sports Lover Pregnancy Shirt

Let's be real: The reason many of us attend Super Bowl parties is for the spread. This shirt sums up that sentiment nicely (and it's really the motto for the full nine-ish months you're expecting). A little football on the belly makes it appropriate game day attire.

6Adding To Our Team T-Shirt

Adding To Our Team T-Shirt

Funny Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Who cares about the Patriots and the Rams? The team that matters is obviously your home team, and this shirt is perfect for celebrating your newest addition. It's especially appropriate if you're announcing your pregnancy at a Super Bowl viewing party.

7Baby Bump's First Football Season Maternity T-Shirt

Baby Bump's First Football Season Maternity T-Shirt

Football Maternity Mom Shirt

This t-shirt comes in a few different colors, and is a great option for this end-of-football-season finale.

8LOVE Football Theme Maternity Shirt

LOVE Football Theme Maternity Shirt


There's a lot of love on Super Bowl Sunday: for your team, the sport, the food, and, obviously, for the little one on the way.

9Women's Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Side Ruched Football Graphic Tee Shirt

Women's Maternity 3/4 Sleeve Side Ruched Football Graphic Tee Shirt

Motherhood Maternity

This season, "Touchdown, baby!" has had a brand new meaning. This comfy shirt works on bumps of all sizes thanks to its side ruching.

10Rookie Of The Year Long Sleeve Maternity T-Shirt

Rookie Of The Year Long Sleeve Maternity T-Shirt

Cafe Press

The REAL rookie of the year is in your belly, and everyone should know that. This tee comes in short sleeve and long sleeve versions, and in several different colors.

11Women's Maternity Short Sleeve Side Ruched Football Graphic Tee Shirt

Women's Maternity Short Sleeve Side Ruched Football Graphic Tee Shirt

Motherhood Maternity

Fact — whether your baby ends up playing a ball-based sport or not. Side ruching means the shirt will fit any size bump, and the football graphic will make your cute belly stand out even more than usual.

12Straight Outta Rams Nation Football Maternity T-Shirt

Straight Outta Rams Nation Football Maternity T-Shirt

Motivated Culture

Diehard football fans won't be satisfied wearing a generic maternity shirt. With this Rams tee, you can cheer for two.

13Future New England Fan Women's Maternity T-Shirt

Future New England Fan Women's Maternity T-Shirt

Trunk Candy Maternity

Your babe doesn't know it yet, but they've already got loyalty to the Patriots. Let the world know you're raising a fan with this funny maternity shirt with ruched sides.