13 Cute Nursing Dresses You'll Never Want To Take Off, Even After Your Last Breastfeeding Session


Finding cute clothes that accommodate your breastfeeding needs can feel like an impossible task. On the one hand, the nursing attire needs to be practical because there's really nothing worse than having to fumble around with straps or buttons while your baby wails. On the other hand, you still want to feel like you in the clothes, and maintain some semblance of your personal style. Especially since you just weathered 9 months of maternity wear. That's why we've rounded up these cute nursing dresses that you'll never take off, even after your last breastfeeding session.

I found nursing in the summertime to be the easiest, wardrobe-wise. All I had to do was wear a wrap dress, and I could throw a swaddle over my shoulder and whip out the nip. But, when sweater weather hit, I was definitely scrambling to find things to wear that worked for me and my ravenous babe. Layers might normally be your friend, but they are a total nightmare when it comes to breastfeeding.

Since we're still riding out the dog days of summer, you'll find some nursing dresses here that are perfect for 90 degree days (including some of my favorite wrap dresses), and since we're headed towards fall, there are also some nursing dresses below that are ideal for those crisp autumn days too.