13 Nursing Dresses You'll Actually *Love* Wearing While Breastfeeding & Beyond

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Finding cute clothes that accommodate your breastfeeding needs can feel like an impossible task. On the one hand, the nursing attire needs to be practical because there's really nothing worse than having to fumble around with straps or buttons while your baby wails. On the other hand, you still want to feel like you in the clothes, and maintain some semblance of your personal style. Especially since you just weathered 9 months of maternity wear. That's why we've rounded up these cute nursing dresses that you'll never take off, even after your last breastfeeding session.

I found nursing in the summertime to be the easiest, wardrobe-wise. All I had to do was wear a wrap dress, and I could throw a swaddle over my shoulder and whip out the nip. But, when sweater weather hit, I was definitely scrambling to find things to wear that worked for me and my ravenous babe. Layers might normally be your friend, but they are a total nightmare when it comes to breastfeeding.

Since we're still riding out the dog days of summer, you'll find some nursing dresses here that are perfect for 90 degree days (including some of my favorite wrap dresses), and since we're headed towards fall, there are also some nursing dresses below that are ideal for those crisp autumn days too.


Pink & Flowy

This flowy, rose-colored number is so pretty is almost makes me want to get knocked up again. (Almost.) This is a perfect dress for weddings or formal events, and has very easy and elegant hidden boob access.


Simply Chic

This simple cotton dress looks both lightweight and a little bit French, making it an easy go-to for when you want to be comfy in the heat, but still a little bit stylish.


Picnic Perfect

This sweet little number comes in a variety of pastel hues. The cute and demure cut makes it a nice choice for semi-formal events, i.e family reunions, rehearsal dinners, or work soirees.


Stripes & Buttons

Another casual but stylish choice from Pea In The Pod, this sashed sleeveless dress doesn't look like a nursing dress at all. But it is indeed, complete with a hidden built-in shelf bra.


Wrapped In Florals

This flirty little mini-dress comes in an eye-popping red, which is nice, as so much maternity gear seems to be in neutral tones. It's ruffled, wrap-front, and is sure to put some pep in your step as you shove that stroller uphill.


Striped Flounce Dress

I really dig this dramatic, stripe-y crepe de chine number. This is another great dress for a formal affair, or for when you just want to feel fancy emptying the dishwasher. Plus if you twirl around the room like Martha Graham, your baby is sure to be amused.


The "I Refuse to Be Sweaty" Tank Dress

A great, breezy basic for running errands or hanging at the playground, this one is a cotton/modal blend, and has three different color options.


That's A Floral Wrap

OK, this technically isn't a nursing dress, but aren't all wrap dresses secretly nursing dresses? This one sure looks like it would be easy enough to whip a boob out. I love the deep green color, though it does come in other shades, including plain black if you're looking to make it more versatile for fall.


Blue Jean Baby

The nice thing about GAP's Tencel line is that it has the versatility of denim, but is so much softer and lightweight. You could pair this with flats to dress it up for brunch, or a pair of sneaks for just hanging with the bebe. Either way you'll still look totally cute.


Sundress Sexiness

It might feel silly buying a sundress when we're already gearing up to get back-to-school supplies. But regardless of the month, for many of us there are still many sweltering days left of the season. Plus, with a dress this cute, you'll be delighted to pull this baby back out of the closet next June.


The "Pretend You're On A Greek Island and Not At The Splash Pad" Dress

This is another one that really doesn't look like a nursing dress at all. This slinky maxi with geometric shapes has "discreet zip nursing access".


The Elegant Mama

Another lovely maxi length dress, this one comes in a delicate floral print with a halter-style top. It's guaranteed to make you feel elegant and feminine, even when you're wrangling a sweaty, screaming baby and leaking breast milk.


Go Full Purple

Technically this is listed as a maternity dress, but with stretchy, breathable jersey material and a crossover neckline for easy breastfeeding access, this dress isn't a "wear just once for maternity photos and forget it" kind of outfit.

This post was originally published on Aug. 7, 2018. It was updated on Aug. 12, 2019.