13 Disney Tattoos That Are Anything But Childish

I don’t know much about Walt Disney, but I do know that his empire is enjoyed every day by everyone, regardless of age. Yes, even grown *ss adults can be seen quoting their favorite Disney characters or humming along to their Disney Pandora station at work. (If you try to tell me you aren’t into any Disney movies, I simply won’t believe you.) It’s more than OK to be a fan and openly show your love for the films and theme parks, whether that means incorporating it into your wedding or getting inked with some Disney tattoos.

Why shouldn’t you show your love for the house of mouse? After all, Disney is more than just a world of talking animals, princesses, and catchy songs. Disney movies boast themes of loyalty, friendship, and bravery. There is a lot of love, a lot of dreaming, and a lot of believing that things are going to be alright, regardless of how you started your journey or how long it took. Disney is the world everyone sinks into when they need a reminder that dreams really do come true and if that’s not a good enough reason to get inked, I don’t know what is. If you’re looking for some motivation to have a Disney tattoo that means more to you than an elephant whose ears make him fly, check out these incredible, meaningful non-kiddie Disney tattoos.


Tale As Old As Time

This rose in Beauty and the Beast was a reminder to Beast that he was a pretty rotten prince and judged others on their looks rather than their character. Not a bad reminder for ourselves actually.


Happiest Place On Earth

Show off your love for the happiest place (and franchise) on Earth with an ode to Mickey’s tiny gloved hands.


Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Your fairy godmother is never far behind with this sweet tat. Three little words can make you feel like anything can happen.


See The Floating Lanterns Gleam

The symbol of the kingdom in Tangled makes its way into all of Rapunzel’s drawings and dreams before she even knows her true identity. This simple tattoo is a connection to all that you are, even if you’re not aware.


Finding Beauty Wherever You Go

Though he may not be the cheeriest character, Eeyore serves as a reminder that there is more to people, places, and objects than they let on. It may take time to see, but everyone is beautiful beneath the surface.


Adventure Is Out There

The sweet house from Up is the perfect symbol of undying love and adventure. Can you think of anything sweeter to inspire some ink?


Remember Who You Are

Forget what anyone tells you, especially your evil, power-hungry, murdering lion of an uncle. Regardless of the situations you find yourself in or the things people say, you are your own person.


Part Of That World

Ariel know there was more to life than what was under the sea. This tattoo serves as a reminder to go outside of your comfort zone and never settle for an unsatisfactory life.


A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

When your heart beats for Disney, you can assume that your pace looks a little different than most. Let’s be real here, it probably sounds a lot like “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”, too.


Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

You don’t have to be a crazy cat lady to appreciate The Aristocats and the love between Duchess and Thomas O’Malley. Rich city girl meets down-to-earth, rough and tough guy? Ah. Love.


Deep In The Hundred Acre Wood

The classic Winnie the Pooh characters get a dedication with this tattoo and I love it. I love the sweet, simple lines, and I also love that it represents some of the best Disney characters. The four of them each had their faults, but they accepted each other for who they were and always stood together.


This Is Halloween

Disney isn’t always cute, talking animals and princesses. In an ode to Nightmare Before Christmas, this tattoo is so gorgeous and unique. I love that Sally is holding onto balloon versions of the movie’s symbols and how dark it is without being bizarre.



Mulan is one of my favorite movies and princesses because she’s so focused on self love. So this charming tat of her comb is meaningful and perfect without getting too crazy.