13 DIY Snacks To Satisfy Every Pregnancy Craving From Salty To Sweet

The biggest problem with being pregnant is that so many of its symptoms contradict each other. Increased sex drive, but frequent headaches. Insatiable hunger, but debilitating nausea. Intense food cravings, but no way to instantly satisfy them. The latter always got me. I would crave something salty, sweet, or savory (or all three), but lack the energy to cook anything. This was especially annoying since most of my cravings were for full-on meals. So how did I make it through nine plus months of dietary desires? I opted for easy-to-make- snacks that satisfy pregnancy cravings.

And you know what? It worked. Because I wanted such specific flavors, I could whip up a super easy snack to fulfill that craving without waiting on the delivery person, taking too long in the kitchen, or having the dish lose its appeal before I was done. Pregnancy cravings can come and go so fast, that if you spend too much time creating a chocolatey dessert, you may find that now you’re really craving some pizza. These 13 DIY snacks range from sweet to salty, including some combination dishes. But beware — small snacks means they’re probably all totally addictive and you won’t want to share. (Like you were planning on sharing anyway.)


Barbecue Chicken Nachos

Nachos are always a winner, but these barbecue chicken nachos from Baked by Rachel could be used as currency. With sweet barbecue sauce topping black beans, corn, chicken, and bacon, this is sure to satisfy that crunchy, salty craving you’ve been having.


Spiralized Melon Salad

A fruit salad doesn’t have to require a lot of chopping and washing strawberries. Bake Love Give brings you a simple spiralized melon salad made with only three ingredients to fulfill your sweet craving.


Pork Ginger Potstickers

Damn Delicious’ fabulous pork ginger potstickers are an easy-to-make version of my favorite appetizers. Fresher and healthier than traditional takeout, this snack is also filling and a fun recipe to make.


Cheddar Filled Pretzel Bites

Look for a savory, cheesy, salty snack? These cheddar filled pretzel bites from Food Nasty are sure to hit the spot. You can make a huge batch to try and last you through the week, but it probably won’t make it past that Netflix binge.


Brown Butter Caramel Apple Pull-Apart Bread With Cream Cheese Icing

I’ve found the snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, and holy moly, it is insane. Cooking for Keeps creates an incredible brown butter caramel apple pull-apart bread with cream cheese icing recipe that is not only going to make your house smell incredible, but your tummy super happy.


Cheesy Chorizo Caramelized Onion Dip

With crispy baguette slices, this cheesy chorizo and caramelized onion dip from foodiecrush is the ultimate savory snack. A dash of heat from the sausage, rich caramelized onion, and lots of ooey, gooey cheese make it a dip you’ll be craving even after the baby’s born.


No Bake Marshmallow Cheesecakes

A light and fluffy treat, Jelly Toast’s no bake marshmallow cheesecakes will fill your sweet craving without making you sick. Plus, how adorable do they look in their pastel sweetness with sprinkles?


Chile Lime Popcorn

I craved both popcorn and margaritas my entire pregnancy, and I wish I had known this recipe back then to satisfy those cravings. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe has an amazing chile lime popcorn recipe that sounds absolutely divine, no matter your womb status.


Chocolate Pistachio Eclairs

There’s an I Love Lucy episode where a pregnant Lucy craves pistachio ice cream doused in hot fudge. Of course, she later adds sardines, but that original craving can be recreated with these chocolate pistachio eclairs from Love, Cake. Just imagining the sweetness of the cream paired with the nutty taste of pistachios is enough to make me crave this whole recipe.


Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

These addictive crispy roasted chickpeas from Steamy Kitchen are incredibly simple to make and will be gone in seconds once you taste your first handful. You can make it your own by using your favorite spice blend to flavor the crunchy snack, too.


Peanut Butter And Banana Green Smoothie

Smoothies were another favorite of mine while I was pregnant, so this peanut butter and banana green smoothie from The Brewer and The Baker would’ve been right up my alley. Healthy and loaded with protein, it’s also a snack that can power you through the day.


Baked Apple Chips

Everyone loves a great potato chip, especially if they’re homemade, but these baked apple chips from Pastry Affair go above and beyond. With a light cinnamon and sugar topping, this snack is one you can feel good about, especially when you eat the entire pan.


Chocolate Dipped Clementines With Sea Salt

Maybe you’re craving something that’s salty, sweet, and fruity all at once. Sounds ridiculous, but there’s a snack that can fix that for you! These chocolate dipped clementines with sea salt from The Comfort of Cooking have all three qualities, are ridiculously easy to make, and will be gone as soon as the chocolate sets.

Images: Courtesy of Cooking for Keeps; Baked by Rachel; Bake Love Give; Damn Delicious; Food Nasty; Cooking for Keeps; foodiecrush; Jelly Toast; Mel’s Kitchen Cafe; Love, Cake; Steamy Kitchen; The Brewer and The Baker; Pastry Affair; The Comfort of Cooking