13 Father's Day Gifts For The Basic Dad, Because Somebody Has To Wear Those Phone Belt Holsters


When you start thinking about Father's Day, it's easy to let your mind settle on some serious stereotypes about dads. Then again, some dads legitimately enjoy barbecues, lawn care, golf, and fishing, and there's nothing wrong with that. These broad (and hopefully good-natured) caricatures have some basis in reality. If that sounds familiar, then a few Father's Day gifts for the basic dad will be perfect for your dad on his special day.

The basic dad might love sports and beer. Perhaps he has a deep and mysterious allegiance to gas-powered Weed Eaters that you will never fully understand. Chances are, you spend more time talking to him about the way your car runs instead of literally anything else in your life. But no one else is there to bail you out of a tough situation quite like the basic dad, who is pretty much the most stable and dependable human in existence. When your car engine or your heart is broken, he's there to help.

To be sure, there's nothing wrong with being a basic dad. These dads tend to favor function over everything else, and they don't give a flying flip about what anybody else might think. Which is actually pretty cool when you think about it. So if that sounds like your pop, here are a few basic gifts he's sure to love this Father's Day:

1A BBQ Apron

Bed Bath & Beyond

He already has all the grilling implements a human could possibly need, so get him a grilling apron. This one has a silly pun on the front, which is ideal. He'll rock it at cookouts all summer long.

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2A Bumper Sticker About Fishing


It doesn't matter if it's been a while since your dad has actually gone fishing, either. He supports the hobby regardless, and he'll show this allegiance on the back of his vehicle.

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3A Cell Phone Belt Holster


It's the ultimate accessory for dads everywhere. To be fair, it does protect the phone much better than a pocket. I mean, you never hear about someone dropping a phone in the toilet while wearing one of these bad boys.

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4A Pair Of Khaki Cargo Shorts

Lands' End

Honestly, a lot of modern cargo shorts are much better looking than their previous, baggier versions. But still, they offer an embarrassing amount of pocket space that's sure to come in handy.

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5A Dad Hat

Academy Sports + Outdoors

OK, so he already has a lot of hats. There's probably a ball cap or two in his collection that's literally older than you are. But he can never have too many hats. Never.

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6A Fanny Pack


Your dad bought a fanny pack for a family vacation to Six Flags about 20 years ago and never looked back. He's busted it out for every trip or hike he's been on since. Give him an updated version with this bag, which is at least a bit understated.

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7Some Gardening Shoes


He's guaranteed to love these things. But be forewarned, because these "just around the yard" shoes will soon find their way into his regular wardrobe, and he's guaranteed to wear them out and about. The next time you invite him out to dinner, he's going to roll up in these things... unapologetically.

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8Golf Stuff

Rock Bottom Golf

I mean, he always needs new stuff for the green, right? These are inexpensive enough that he can sacrifice a few to the water hazards.

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9Hardware Store Gift Card

Home Depot

Even if you're pretty handy too, there's no way to keep up with all the tools in his vast collection. You never know when he'll just go get a new miter saw or something. Gift cards are your safest bet in this case.

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10A New Tie

The Tie Bar

OK, so it's a pretty clichéd Father's Day gift. But nothing dresses up an outfit quite like a tie, and your dad's a pretty cool dude if he still wears them.

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11Some Tube Socks


These bad boys are essential lawn-mowing apparel for many a father. Give your dad a few fresh pairs and watch his eyes light up.

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12Some White Sneakers


Has your dad been wearing the same sneakers for lawn-mowing duty since the Ronald Reagan administration? Give him some newer kicks because, well, he's sure to wear them out just as diligently.

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13A 'World's Best Dad' Mug


He'll un-ironically use it forever. And even though it's a novelty cup, you totally believe he is the very best dad in the world.

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