13 Father's Day Gifts Every Basic Dad Is Sure To Love

When you start thinking about Father's Day, it's easy to let your mind settle on some serious stereotypes about dads. Then again, some dads legitimately enjoy barbecues, lawn care, golf, and fishing, and there's nothing wrong with that. These broad (and hopefully good-natured) caricatures have some basis in reality. If that sounds familiar, then a few Father's Day gifts for the basic dad will be perfect for your dad on his special day.

The basic dad might love sports and beer. Perhaps he has a deep and mysterious allegiance to gas-powered Weed Eaters that you will never fully understand. Chances are, you spend more time talking to him about the way your car runs instead of literally anything else in your life. But no one else is there to bail you out of a tough situation quite like the basic dad, who is pretty much the most stable and dependable human in existence. When your car engine or your heart is broken, he's there to help.

To be sure, there's nothing wrong with being a basic dad. These dads tend to favor function over everything else, and they don't give a flying flip about what anybody else might think. Which is actually pretty cool when you think about it. So if that sounds like your pop, here are a few basic gifts he's sure to love this Father's Day:


A Bumper Sticker About Fishing


A Pair Of Khaki Cargo Shorts


Hardware Store Gift Card


Some White Sneakers


A 'World's Best Dad' Mug