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13 Father's Day Gifts For The Costco Dad, That Make That Membership Fee *So* Worth It

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When you think of Costco, images of free meatball samples, giant triple boxes of cereal, and cases of tomato soup likely dance through your mind. Aside from those fabulous things, there is also a stellar selection of grills, games, and gym gear to gift the Costco dad for Father's Day.

It’s the shopping destination both moms and dads alike just can’t get enough of, but it’s not the first place you might think to go shopping for Father’s Day. A 48-pack of granola bars seems a bit eccentric, right? However, if you go to a Costco store and stroll the aisles or head over to their website, you'll soon realize it's a treasure trove of Father's Day present possibilities. Whether the dad in your life is a sports fanatic, enjoys cooking, or simply wants the opportunity to relax more, there is something for him at Costco.

If you want to do in-person shopping, you need to be a Costco Club Member, which starts at $60 a year, but you can also find a selection of Costco goods available to order online without a membership. If you're really stuck for an idea but know your dad or your kids' dad is the type who is thrilled by the thought of buying paper towels, tennis balls, or batteries in bulk, you could even just get them a membership of their own for Father's Day.

And when you think about it, the best part about getting the dad in your life something from his favorite store is that he can return it for something he really wants when he's back there next week. So really, you can do no wrong here.


For The Costco Dad That Loves Photos

He is likely well aware that his phone has a camera, but that doesn’t mean he wants to use it. If your dad is the type who just doesn’t leave the house without his giant 1990s-style camera hanging around his neck, you can upgrade his outdated photography equipment with this Canon PowerShot bundle from Costco.


For The Backpacking Costco Dad

My dad was the notorious backpack-carrier on every single one of our family trips, and I can guarantee he would have loved to have carried this backpack cooler on a camping trip of two. It’s easy to carry, fully insulated to keep ice for up to two days, and can hold 26 cans of dad’s drink of choice.


For The Costco Dad Who Values Blissful Silence

Whether the dad in your life is music-loving, listens to audiobooks non-stop, learns from podcasts, plays video games with intensity, or just enjoys having something to help block out the sounds of screeching toddlers, these noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones are the perfect gift.


For The Costco Dad That Loves To Cook

From slicing the perfect tomato to top his famous burgers to chopping onions to add to his sensational stews, if you know a dad who enjoys cooking, a new cutlery set is sure to thrill him on Father’s Day. Plus, this particular seven-piece set comes with a gorgeous storage block that will look great on any countertop.


For The Costco Dad That Loves Darts

One of the best ways my own husband knows to let off steam is to throw darts — there really is something therapeutic about it. Plus having a complete dart board set like this one in your home is a great activity to enjoy during game nights or other gatherings with friends and family. This Father’s Day gift is sure to be a hit.


For The Costco Dad That Loves To Snack

Many dads I know keep an array of delicious snacks within arm's reach at all times. If the dad you’re buying a Father’s Day gift for falls into this camp, this popcorn tin filled with more than 3 gallons worth of different flavors of popcorn is an ideal gift to give. And it’s already decorated, so you don’t even have to wrap it.


For The Costco Dad Workin' On His Fitness

If you have a dad in your life who works out like it’s his paying job, he will probably be grateful for some relief in the form of a foam roller as a gift this Father’s Day. This is a one-piece workout equipment that can aid in recovery regardless of the type of exercise he enjoys and whether he’s working out at home or at the gym.


For The Costco Dad That Loves To Game

This high-tech gaming chair can pull double-duty as both a place for dad to enjoy playing video games or somewhere to comfortably work from home. Built-in speakers and an onboard sound system lets dad immerse himself in the game, while a cush leather-like exterior with plenty of padding keeps him nice and comfortable.


For The Sunglass-Wearing Costco Dad

Dad will have it made in the shade when you give him this pair of polarized sunglasses from Costco for Father’s Day. The durability of the polycarbonate frames mean that he can wear them while enjoying a plethora of outdoor activities and sports from boating to basketball.


For The Timeless Costco Dad

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that the dad in your life can enjoy day after day, it is hard to go wrong with a classic watch like this one. Between the sleek black face and the leather strap, it is a timepiece with truly timeless appeal that dads will love wearing.


For The Costco Dad That Loves To Relax

When you combine camping, napping, and convenient packaging, you have a Father’s Day gift for nature-loving dads that can’t be beat. This hammock will provide hours and hours of relaxation hemmed up between two trees in the great outdoors.


For The Costco Dad That Loves To Cast A Line

Whether you’re shopping for your dad who has been fishing all of his life, or your kids’ father who is just starting out in the sport, this fishing kit has everything any fisherman needs to reel in a big catch. Included in the kit is a carbon fiber rod, spinning reel, lure, monofilament line, and fishing towel.


For The Costco Dad That Loves A Cold One

Regardless of what exactly it is a dad loves to drink, if they have a man cave, garage, or office where they spend a lot of time, this miniature beverage fridge will make the perfect addition to their space. It’s a great gift to give any dad this Father’s Day, but it can also help free up some space in your kitchen fridge, so it’s really a win-win.

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