13 Feminist Couples Costumes For An Empowered Pair

Halloween is a tricky time for women. You want to dress up, but all of the shelves are lined with costumes that include the word "sexy" in the title or something ridiculous that's not even a costume, like a pair of suspenders and a tight t-shirt that says "I love nerds." When you want to couple up with your partner, it seems all that's left are costumes where you can dress as the bag of money to their bank robber costume or the sexy vixen next to their cowboy. But there are some feminist couples costumes out there and I promise, they are totally worth it for your Halloween shindig.

And, OK, I think I have to make sure and mention that of course you can be sexy and be a feminist. But it's tough to call a costume feminist when it was created so everyone could stare at your boobs and butt all night. I've never been one who was really into the sexy costumes and preferred to dress like a zombie bride, a creepy ventriloquist dummy, or a goblin. But if you don't want to be scary and you want to match your partner, what's left?

Well, you can try these 13 feminist couples costumes with your SO or BFF to fight the patriarchy. They all include strong, kick*ss women who have changed the world in one way or another and they are sure to inspire you beyond Halloween.


Dr. Sattler & Dr. Grant

In Jurassic Park, there was no mistaking that Dr. Sattler was just as qualified as Dr. Grant to fight off a velociraptor, a tyrannosaurus rex, or to find out what was poisoning a triceratops. In short? They are both total bad*sses. (And who else loved that Dr. Grant was the one taking care of the kids while Dr. Sattler was flipping breakers and carrying a giant gun to get the park's security turned back on?)

For you and your partner to fully embody Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant, you'll need a few items from your own closet. To portray Ellie, you'll need a blue tank top ($5), a salmon button down ($8) — tie it at your waist and roll up the sleeves, a pair of khaki shorts ($16), a brown belt ($14), and some hiking boots ($35). For Alan, you'll need some khaki pants ($23), a denim button down ($20) — sleeves rolled up please, a red bandana ($3), a straw hat ($9), a pair of aviators ($13), and a pair of hiking boots ($30). Remember, life finds a way.


Juno & Paulie

Juno may have received a lot of criticism when it was first released, but I stand by the heartwarming comedy and proudly proclaim Juno to be a total feminist. She knows what she wants to do with her body, she makes a decision that is in her best interest, and she breaks all the gender stereotypes. If you're pregnant, this is an especially awesome feminist costume for you and your partner to rock.

To dress as Juno, you'll need some dark jeans ($10), a green skirt ($15), a dark zip-up hoodie ($19), and an orange and white striped shirt ($5). Optional prop? A jug of Sunny-D. For your partner to portray Paulie, they'll need some tube socks ($11), some yellow athletic shorts ($16), yellow sweatbands ($10) and a maroon and yellow athletic shirt ($18). Optional prop? Orange Tic-Tacs.


Rey & Finn

Princess Leia may have been the original Star Wars feminist, but Rey's coming in fierce and strong. To rock this couple, all you need is a Rey costume ($50) and a Finn costume ($45) so you and your partner can become the most feminist couple in a galaxy far, far away.


Dottie Hinson & Coach Jimmy Dugan

There's no crying in baseball, especially when a bunch of feminists are kicking *ss at the sport. Dress in a Dottie Hinson costume ($70) this year so you can portray the feminism that is prevalent in A League of Their Own. Your partner can take their turn dressing as the coach of the Rockford Peaches, Jimmy Dugan, in a Jimmy Dugan costume ($60). I know — Dottie's still wearing a dress. But feminism doesn't mean you can't wear a dress; it means you can wear a dress and still slide into home to win a game.


Daria & Jane

When I would get off the bus in fifth grade, I used to rush inside so I could catch an episode of Daria. Daria Morgendorffer and her best friend, Jane Lane, were feminists before it was cool to proclaim your status on Instagram. Both of them had very different ideas about how women should be perceived than society did and neither one of them kept their mouth shut when they could help it.

If you want to be Daria, you'll need some combat boots ($14), a black skirt ($12), a rust colored t-shirt ($8), a green jacket ($29), some round glasses ($7) and brown wig with bangs ($8). If you're dressing as Jane, you'll need gray boots ($10), black tights ($4), gray shorts ($16), a black v-neck ($9), a red blazer ($10), and a black wig ($16) you can style into Jane's trademark look.


Furiosa & Mad Max

It doesn't get much more feminist than Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, does it? She risks everything to save The Five Wives and is a total intimidating bad*ss. Along with Mad Max, she not only saves the women and other citizens, but she also kills the tyrannical dictator. Um. Girl power, y'all.

To dress as Furiosa, you'll need a road rage warrior costume ($60) and if your partner wants to dress as Mad Max, they'll need a pair of jeans ($19), a brown thermal shirt ($10), a leather jacket ($31), and a fury in the future face mask ($20).


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg & Justice Sonia Sotomayor

You can dress like this powerhouse of feminism with your partner in some really simple pieces. For both women, you'll need a robe ($16) and a lacy collar ($3). To portray Justice Sotomayor, you just need to add a brown wig ($22). To dress as Justice Ginsburg, you'll need a gray bun wig ($13) and a pair of glasses ($6).


Tonks & Lupin

I will never forgive J.K. Rowling for the fate of Tonks and Lupin, but you can honor the feminist couple by dressing as them for Halloween. If you're going as Tonks, you'll need a purple wig ($11), a pig snout ($4), a cool black dress ($22), a sparkly scarf ($20), black tights ($4), black socks ($6), and a burgundy coat ($35). For Lupin, you'll just need your partner to dress in a brown suit ($60). Bonus points if it's ratty. Don't forget your wands.


Jessie & Woody

Woody's Round-Up wouldn't survive without Jessie, the yodeling cowgirl. Help all the critters this Halloween as you and your partner dress in a Jessie costume ($50) and a Woody costume ($75) for a nice dose of feminism in the west.


Elastigirl & Mr. Incredible

For more Disney fun, save the day as you dress in an Elasti-Girl costume ($40) and your partner rocks it in a Mr. Incredible costume ($50). I mean, you can't expect him to clean up the world alone, can you?


Wonder Woman & Superman

Nobody does feminism like Wonder Woman. You can dress as one of the founding members of the Justice League in a Wonder Woman costume ($40) while your partner dons some tights in a Superman costume ($50).


Scully & Mulder

Another example of women being capable of doing the exact same job as men? FBI Special Agent Dana Scully from The X-Files. She and Fox Mulder work as a partnership and she is a feminist icon. To dress like her, you'll need a blue pantsuit ($51), a tan shirt ($13), a red-blonde wig ($17), and an FBI badge ($6). If your partner's dressing as Mulder, they'll need a suit ($57) and an FBI badge ($6), too.



It doesn't get more feminist than dressing up as a couple of suffragettes. You'll need a long black skirt ($25), a high collar white blouse ($18), some white gloves ($4), a pair of button boots ($55), a straw hat ($9), and a sash ($6). Use a marker to write "VOTES FOR WOMEN" across the sash. If your partner wants to dress as a male supporter of the women's rights movement, they'll need a gray waistcoat ($17), gray pants ($13), a button up shirt ($13), a red tie ($9), and a newsboy cap ($4). Give them a sign to carry, too.