13 Food Inspired Baby Names That Are Equally Tasty & Tasteful


As many moms-to-be know, pregnancy brings on a surge of off-the-charts, slightly odd cravings. If food seems to be the only thing one your mind, then it shouldn’t come as a total surprise if you start dreaming up food-inspired baby names for your future child. Fresh, creative, locally-sourced food is on-trend, making it the perfect inspiration for your child’s moniker. It’s a great fit whether you’re a foodie yourself or you simply want to raise an adventurous eater. Because when the time comes to introduce solid food to your little one, you’ll be hoping for a baby who embraces hearty eating and eschews the confines of being “picky.”

Food-inspired baby names first stepped onto the scene in 2004 when Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow introduced little Apple into the world, and trend has gained traction ever since. And with good reason, as food-inspired names are the perfect blend beauty and uniqueness. So if you’re looking for a name that’s fit for a foodie but not as obvious as Nutella, there are plenty of options on the moniker market. Think fragrant herbs, French pastries, and down-home, classic American dishes. The possibilities will open up, and you’ll have a list of potential names that goes way beyond Apple but never gets as weird as Wellington.

1. Saffron

This herb has the vibrant, spicy connotations you want for your spirited child. Its origin is a vivid red flower, which is used to make the most expensive spice in the world. Complicated and bittersweet, saffron can be used in many different ways, from savory dishes to sweet treats.

2. Sage

Sage is a fragrant plant used for cooking, but the herb is also believed to impart wisdom. This beautiful name has the advantage of being gender-neutral, so you can decide on it without known (or deciding) your child’s sex ahead of time.

3. Benedict

This name means more than a deliciously decadent brunch dish or a certain Cumberbatch. Benedict means “blessed,” which many moms feels when a child enters her life. Could you think of a more fitting name?

4. Plum

The origins of the name Plum aren’t very complicated — it simply means “small fruit.” But author and socialite Plum Sykes has made it a pretty sweet on-trend moniker.

5. Pepper

A pepper brings “hot” and “spicy” to mind, which is great for a child with serious spark.

6. Kale

Modern moms go crazy for this leafy green vegetable, but it’s also been used as a boy’s name since 1962. Why not name your super baby after a superfood? Maybe it’ll even give him the edge on eating his greens.

7. Rosemary

A fragrant and flavorful herb, rosemary is treasured around the world for its healing benefits and culinary uses. But its origins are more romantic. In the legend of Aphrodite, the goddess of love was adorned with rosemary when she rose from the sea, transforming this plant into a symbol of faithfulness.

8. Huckleberry

Before you dismiss Huckleberry as being a little too unique, consider this. It’s sweet, wholesome, and also has an unbeatable literary pedigree. Not to mention the nickname Huck is just too cute.

9. Coco

Whether you’re a chocoholic on an average day, or were particularly addicted to it during pregnancy, the name Coco will have some sweet associations. It’s short, it’s feminine, and it has a chic pedigree that goes beyond the beloved cocoa bean – namely, the famed designer Coco Chanel.

10. Graham

This sophisticated Scottish name means “gravelly homestead,” but food-lovers everywhere recognize graham crackers as a key component (along with chocolate and marshmallows) of one of the greatest treats of all time — s’mores.

11. Reese

Another gender-neutral gem, Reese was originally thought of as a boy’s name until Ms. Witherspoon made it popular for girls. But more importantly, it’s a popular candy. If you were downing peanut-butter cups during your pregnancy, then this name may be the perfect fit.

12. Ginger

A beautiful blend of sweet and spicy, ginger is also known for it’s soothing, healing qualities This moniker is perfect for a child who brings calm into your life (or, you know, if auburn shades run in your family.)

13. Basil

Basil isn’t just a fresh, leafy herb that can spice up anything from your favorite tomato sauce to a strawberry-basil margarita (mmmm). It’s also a popular Greek name that means regal and kingly.

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