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Cheese-Inspired Baby Names That Aren't Too. . . Well, You Know


You've probably heard the old joke before about a pregnant woman having absurd cravings, like wanting to make an unholy union of pickles and ice cream. Sure, it's easy to poke fun at these classic, kooky pregnancy stereotypes. But growing a human life inside of you is no laughing matter. Some people just don't understand how serious and stressful things like picking out a name for your future baby can truly be for a woman. Though you may garner some strange looks for wanting to explore cheese-inspired baby names as a possibility, don't let the haters get you down when it comes to your loves for all things gourmet.

If you're interested in channeling your inner-foodie to be your guide through the name selection process, you wouldn't be the first to do so. And if you're having twins, there are even some nice wine-inspired baby names out there to pair with your dairy-obsessed choice. If you're the type of parent or parent-to-be who doesn't shy away from unique, non-traditional name choices, then you'll love this selection of cheese-inspired baby names that run the gamut from sophisticated to sweet. Whether you're having a boy, a girl, or you prefer a unisex option, this list has got you covered.

1. Panela

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A "Mexican cheese adapted from a Greek basket cheese," according to GourmetSleuth. Panela cheese can be eaten as a snack, like cheese curds, or crumbled over tacos (to name just a couple of options). It's also such a pretty name, right?

2. Aura

A type of Finnish cheese, Aura also means "soft breeze" in Latin. Not to mention, it's got a lovely, almost ancient sort of feel to it (like something out of a Greek myth).

3. Cairns

Cairnsmore, a type of Scottish cheese, seems a bit lengthy for a baby name. But the shortened version, Cairns, which means "monument of rocks" in Gaelic, could work for either a boy or a girl.

4. Sosha

A great unisex option, Sosha is a Tibetan cheese but can also be a twist on the more traditionally spelled "Sacha," which is a nickname for "Alexander," meaning "defender" in Greek.

5. Lincoln

6. Olivet

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A French cheese named after the town it was first created in, Olivet (or Olivette), meaning "from the olive tree" in Latin, is a sweet choice for your future daughter

7. Colby

Who doesn't love the festive part of the dynamic colby-jack duo? Meaning "dark haired" in Old English, this name would be perfect for a son with deep-hued locks.

8. Weston

A boy's name with an old-fashioned vibe, Weston means "from the west town" in Old English, and is also the name of a sheep's milk type of cheese from Vermont.

9. Havilah

For either a boy or a girl, Havilah, which means "stretch of sand" in Hebrew, is a unique option and can be shortened to Havi. Havilah is also a hard, "mountain type" of cheese.

10. Innes

Used interchangeably for either gender, Innes comes from Aonghus, who was god of love and youth in Irish mythology. Innes is also an unpasteurized, artisan goat's cheese made in the UK.

11. Danby

Danby is a Scandinavian name meaning "village in Denmark," and is also a hard, extra-aged cheese. Primarily used as a boy's name, this can easily be shortened to the more traditional name, Dan.

12. Freya

Derived from the name of Odin's wife, Frigga, in Norse mythology, Freya means "goddess of love and beauty." "Freya's Wheel" is also a popular type of semi-sweet cheese.

13. Niolo

Niolo is a name for both a region in Corsica and a nutty cheese which comes from the same area. Used mostly as a boy's name, you could also nickname your son, Nio.

14. Stella

If Fontina seems like too obvious an homage to your favorite fromage, perhaps Stella can fill in: As the first half of a Fontina-esque cheese, Stella Fontinella, a "versatile semi-hard pale cream color cheese that is subtly sweet and creamy smooth, with just a hint of sharpness," according to Cheese.com.

15. Brie

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Though food-lovers might immediately think of a soft cheese from France, you might also recognize this as the name of Oscar-winning Brie Larson. A tribute to a northern region of France, this is a cute choice for your future daughter.

16. Henry

If you thought your obsession with cheddar cheese was a pretty big deal, "King Henry II bought over five tons of the cheese for the bargain price of just a little over £10," according to Mental Floss. You'd need a second fridge for sure.

17. Joseph

What, you named your first kid Colby and now you've got another son to name? Go with the name Joseph in honor of Joseph F. Steinwand, the inventor of Colby cheese (who named his creation after the nearby town of Colby, WI, according to Mental Floss.

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