9 Wine-Inspired Baby Names That Won’t Make You Sound Too Booze Obsessed

Everyone loves to joke that becoming a mother means giving up the nice things in life. No need for cashmere sweaters when peanut butter fingers will soon surround you, right? And who can enjoy a white leather sofa knowing that your kid’s favorite red crayon will soon graffiti the entire thing? But you don’t have to stop appreciating all of the finer things of the world when you become a mother, not even wine. You may not be able to drink it for nine months, but you can use your favorite bottle to give you a wine-inspired baby name.

Wine is a favorite drink, mainly for its versatility. Want something dry? There’s a bottle for it. Craving a sweet glass or a crisp, refreshing one? Also available. The same can be said for a sweet babe’s personality. No baby is the same and each one of them will have their sweet days and their “this would pair better with a steak” days. One thing’s for sure, every kid will have you ready for 5 o’clock at some point, ready to open that bottle of red (or white, or rose.) Naming your child after your favorite wine can give the moniker class and sass, without giving up your fine taste. With these nine wine-inspired baby names, you’re sure to find one that feels perfect (and sounds delish.)



A type of black Italian wine grape that becomes a sweet, fruity red, Dolcetto is also a lovely name for your little girl. With the root word being “dolce”, meaning sweet in Italian, this wine moniker is perfect.



Made from the Chardonnay grape, Chablis is a fun spin on a classic white wine. This variety is also considered a “simple” taste, without many frills, and it doesn’t get much simpler than a newborn babe. (OK, they are far from simple,, but loving them is easy enough.)



Similar to Pinot Noir, the Saint Laurent grape is pretty unique and there’s still not much known about it. So for your mysterious little one, Laurent works well and could be fun for both genders.



For your firecracker child, I give you the name Shiraz. A type of red wine that’s noted for being hearty and spicy, you’re sure to have a spitfire on your hands with this fun name.



Demi-sec is a term used to indicate the dryness of a wine, but dropping the ‘sec’ gives you a classic wine-inspired name.



A type of Muscadine grape, Higgins is a quirky name for your little guy that conveys strength as this vine is vigorous, hearty, and resistant to a lot of factors like poor weather or plant disease.



Everyone’s favorite fruity, pink wine also makes for a beautiful little girl’s name. Rosé also has an old world charm and is a darling choice.



Your favorite vintage champagne should be around to celebrate everything — even babies. Drop the Perignon to give your little guy a life-of-the-party name with Dom.



Inspired by the French word for wine, the name Vin also means conquering. For your little guy to feel powerful and on top of the world, bless him with this strong, wine-inspired name.

Image: Bill Selak/Flickr; Giphy (9)