13 Free Valentine's Day Date Ideas To Bring You & Your Loved One Closer

Valentine Day is not universally loved, but those who love Feb. 14 see it as a beautiful way to pause and let the people around you know that you love them, especially my husband. Some people enjoy thinking of small but significant ways to celebrate a day centered around the heart, and free Valentine's Day dates are some of the most romantic ways to show love. After all, what's more romantic than taking the dollar sign out of Valentine's Day and bringing all the love in?

Not everyone has the bank account to pull off a big Valentine's Day surprise, like the $18,500 olive tree that Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt or the time that Jerry O'Connell had a vineyard installed for Rebecca Romijn. Those gestures are extravagant, and yes, awesome, but they absolutely aren't necessary for a totally romantic Valentine's Day.

If you're used to relying on your wallet to create a romantic V-Day date, then the following list of free Valentine's Day date ideas might inspire you to get creative. Maybe you'll create a beach bonfire while listening to a specialized playlist of romantic songs that define the two of you as a couple, or maybe you'll dress up to the nine's at home and then have a romantic dance in the living room. However you do it, these personalized and free Valentine's Day dates are guaranteed to win your lover's heart.

1Have Beach Bonfire


A personal favorite of mine, a beach bonfire is the perfect way to get cozy. Wrap yourself in a blanket, stare at the ocean, and contemplating beauty and love.

2Gaze At The Stars


The simplest date ever, and one of the most deeply romantic and timeless: stargazing. A blanket on the ground, a bottle of red, and some handholding make for a perfect evening.

3Suds Up


Get a little dirty. . . the clean up. A little tub time with scented salts, champagne, and close contact is perfect.

4Go Dancing


Clean the living room, light candles, turn on your favorite sexy, romantic music, and dance to to the end of love.

5Netflix And Chill


This goes beyond the typical Netflix session. Binge-watch your favorite shows and then get down and dirty. To ensure you get to the chill part of the evening, stream one of the many hot Netflix movies that'll turn you on.

6Rub Eachother Down


Massages never get old or unwanted, do they? Add essential oils scented with some mood lighting, and you have the perfect entree into a hot night this winter.

7Enjoy A Picnic


If the weather cooperates, pack your favorite decadent foods and alcohol, play some mood music, and enjoy a picnic in the park. If the weather doesn't behave, settle for an indoor picnic.

8Play Truth Or Dare


Your imagination and nerve are the only things shaping this private game. To rev things up, enjoy a sexy version of Truth or Dare.

9Dress Up And Stay In


Twist your hair into an updo, make up your face, and put on your most jaw-dropping dress. Chances are your partner will pull those clothes off in no time.

10Listen To Some Tunes


Work together to create a playlist that encapsulates your relationship. After each song ends, talk about the memories that song brings.

11Embark On A Scavenger Hunt


Hide meaningful momentos of your time together in places that also have meaning to the two of you.

12Visit An Art Exhibit


Head downtown and visit a few art exhibits while sipping hot coffee and exploring together.

13Enjoy Couples Yoga


Turn on the essential oil infuser and close the blinds and get down with some couple's downward dog.

Images: lagunova_maya/Fotolia; Giphy (13)