15 Hot Netflix Movies That'll Turn You On
by Britni de la Cretaz

Most people watch Netflix so they can marathon TV shows from decades past, or to “chill” with people that they’re going to end up boning long before the credits roll. Although Netflix may not be the place most people think to go for super hot, sexy films to get them in the mood (because that’s what porn is for, yeah?), there’s actually plenty of steamy stuff to be found on the streaming service. There are plenty of hot Netflix movies that'll turn you on when you're just not in the mood for pron.

Different things turn different people on. For some people, it’s about the story line. For others, it’s about relationships within the movie. And for some, it’s just skin and sex, save the pretense thank you very much. Luckily, Netflix has movies to appease the preferences of almost anyone, regardless of what you’re into. Some of these movies are about love and others are about, well, pure lust. But all of them are hot as hell and sure to get your motor running. So grab your boo (or your battery operated boo) and settle in for a night of Netflix and pleasure (sans chill), and leave streaming porn for another night.


'The Little Death'

Though not explicitly hot, the movie follows people who are just looking for some fulfilling sex, whether it’s with a long-time partner or someone new. It’s cute, and does a great job of getting the message across that everyone’s into something a little bit weird and there’s someone out there for everyone. Plus, they all have Australian accents, which is just a bonus for your libido.


'Room In Rome'

Two women meet and end up in a hotel room together where they connect, bond, and, uh, bone. It’s hot AF. That’s really all there is to say.


'Young And Wild'

For me, this movie rings incredibly close to home, as the main character is secretly promiscuous teen with a sex blog. The intensity of newly discovered sexuality combined with the intensity of the forbidden makes this movie one that really gets you below the belt.



This movie allows you to stare at a stoic Ryan Gosling for two hours while he does badass things but barely talks. What could be hotter than that?



A gorgeous movie about Frida Khalo that doesn’t shy away from showing sex and sexuality in a nuanced — and frank — way that will be sure to get your motor running.


'Like Water For Chocolate'

A romantic tale of love and longing, this movie is unique and sexy in an unexpected way. If you like a good story with your hotness, this is a great movie for that.


'Blue Is The Warmest Color'

An intense story of first loves, the movie follows two teen girls as they discover sex, passion, and sexuality for one of the hottest movies on Netflix. You won’t be able to shake this one, mostly because of it’s incredibly lengthy and explicit sex scenes.


'Nymphomaniac, Volume I'

What happens when sex is just sex? This movie that explores nymphomania and helps you separate love from sex because sometimes, sex is just that. Also, Shia LaBeouf makes a random appearance, as do Christian Slater and Uma Thurman.


'Sex And Lucia'

A movie about grief may not seem very sexy, but rebounds definitely are, and there’s enough passion (and nudity. Lots of nudity) in this movie to get you thinking about it yourself.


'A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy'

This movie is presented through a series of vignettes and explores the lives of several different couples, who end up in sometimes raunchy situations. Any exploration of Black sexuality is not easy to find, particularly on Netflix, so it’s nice to have this


'Free Fall'

Two (male) cops fall in love. ‘Nuff said.


'The Skinny'

It’s Pride weekend, which means lots of debauchery — and hot queer sex. Yes, please.



A documentary that tells the story of porn company Kink.com, it shows the unglamorous side of porn while also showing lots (and lots and lots) of hardcore kink. Plus, they’ve made some solid changes to protect their performers recently, so that makes them even more appealing.


'Queer As Folk'

So this isn’t technically a movie, but Brian Kinney (played by Gale Harold) will always be hot.


'Y Tu Mamá También'

A road trip movie on its surface, this is a story about teen boys discovering their sexuality, set in a politically radical Mexico. Come for the beautiful acting and directing, stay for the incredible sex scenes and threesomes.

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