These 13 Gift Ideas For Moms Turning 30 Are Flirty, Fun & Fab

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Do you have a friend, sister, cousin, colleague, or other type of fabulous mom acquaintance who's about to celebrate the big 3-0? You're no doubt looking to help her usher in this next exciting decade in the most meaningful, fun ways possible. To that end, these gift ideas for moms turning 30 are the perfect way to highlight that extra something special about turning 30, particularly for women who are already in the mom phase of life.

I didn't have kids yet when I turned 30, but there was definitely something that shifted in me. I felt more together, more confident and self-assured, and as a result, excited about what the future held for me (in my case, a baby the following year)!

Elle magazine took a look at all the reasons the 30s are a fantastic decade for women, with a little help from Rihanna and Beyonce, who are certainly owning this age with style and strength. While some of my favorite reasons listed included learning how to manage your money and knowing the value of true friendship, this one had me LOL'ing: "Sometimes you have to remind these kids that you were throwing down when they were in grade school and you still got it."

Show the mom turning 30 that she's still got it with these unforgettable presents, and you'll have her reciting lines from the movie 13 Going on 30: "I wanna be 30! Thirty and flirty and thriving!"

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