13 Gifts For Frozen Fans Of All Ages, Because You're Never Too Old To Let It Go

If you've never seen Frozen, I'm willing to give you a pass. Maybe you don't have kids or maybe you're not a Disney fan. (Our friendship is effectively over because of that last one, FYI.) All ages and genders are into the movie about the power of love between two sisters and there's a good chance your Christmas list requires a few gifts for Frozen fans.

Don't worry. This gift guide doesn't include obvious choices like a copy of Frozen on DVD. Instead, this list of Frozen-themed gifts is broken by the types of Frozen fans in your life. Have a nephew that isn't into baby dolls, but loves the Disney ice-themed flick? Then he probably wants something other than an Elsa doll. Maybe your girlfriend is really into collectibles and also loves the movie, or your dad worships the ground Idina Menzel walks on. (Who can blame him?) No matter who you're shopping for this holiday season, this gift guide for Frozen fans is sure to make your shopping list a little bit shorter, and you can finally let it go in time to join the holidays. (And now that song is stuck in your head. You're welcome.)


For The Budding Artist

Have a little one that's into being creative and art? They'll love this Frozen activity tote kit ($17). With 40 pages for them to color and decorate, stickers and markers, and a magnetic play scene with over 40 magnetic pieces, they'll never get bored working on these sweet activities.


For The Jewelry Lover

You didn't think you could call a Frozen gift elegant, did you? But this snowflake charm ($70) from Pandora is the perfect addition to any Frozen fan's bracelet.


For The Friend With Too Much Stuff To Carry

"Let It Go" is not only the movie's most popular song, but one of the film's main themes, which makes this Frozen Tote ($12) perfect. Perfect for the Frozen fan in your life that has way too much stuff to carry, could use a reminder of the movie's important lesson, and is also not five years old.


For The Musician

The songs in Frozen are hella catchy, so make your musically inclined loved ones super happy with this Frozen songbook ($13), complete with sheet music from the movie. It covers piano, vocals, and guitar, so get ready to be serenaded.


For The Castle Lover

If you've got a little one that's really into the movie's setting, then they're love Elsa's Ice Palace Playset ($99). They can reenact the movie to their heart's content and when they go to bed, you can play with it. It's a win-win.


For The Collector

There's always that one friend or family member that loves to collect things, so surprise the Frozen collector with this Anna and Elsa musical figurine ($85). Naturally, it plays "Let it Go." You're welcome.


For The One That Wants To Build A Snowman

Everyone loves Olaf and this Pull Apart and Talkin' Olaf ($11) is perfect for those who want to build a snowman. You can take him apart, put him back together, and listen to some of his favorite phrases and sayings.


For The Coffee Lover

A great stocking stuffer, sure, but this Anna and Elsa silhouette mug ($9) also a great way to showcase your love for a Disney movie without donning a thousand snowflakes. The mug has Anna's silhouette on one side and Elsa's on the other, making it pretty and practical.


For The Idina Menzel Fan

If your Frozen fan is more into Idina Menzel, they'll love her live album ($12) released in 2012. It can give them a look into her best songs pre-Frozen era and open their ears to a favorite singer.


For The LEGO Lover

Anyone who loves LEGOs will love this Arendelle castle building kit ($60) and, surprisingly, it doesn't include Elsa's ice castle.


For The Breakfast Connoisseur

Do you want to eat a snowman? This Olaf waffle maker ($30) is perfect for the chef in your life.


For The Fashionista

It may not be embellished with Anna and Elsa, but this tulle skater skirt ($34) seems like something the sisters would wear.


For The Print Obsessed

A grown-ass person probably doesn't want a giant technicolor Disney poster of Frozen on their wall, but they might love this Frozen watercolor print ($10 - $20) from Etsy. Bonus? You can print it off at home.

Images: Disney