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13 Gross Things Everyone Does In The Shower That Are Actually Normal

by Lindsay E. Mack

Taking a shower is supposed to leave you clean and fresh, but some parts of bathing get pretty icky. Knowing the gross things everyone does in the shower that are actually normal is reassuring. Really, everyone gets a little weird when they're naked in a tiny private room.

When you consider the amount of time many people spend in the shower, it's no surprise these grody habits develop. An average American shower lasts about 8.2 minutes, according to Home Water Works. At this rate, you'll spend about 50 hours showering in one year. So of course most people take shortcuts or find ways to make the bathing process more amusing.

In addition, your weirdo shower habits are probably pretty normal. Nose blowing, blemish popping, and even peeing are all universal shower experiences. Maybe you don't admit to these things in front of friends and family, but they happen a lot. I mean, a quick Google search for "shower peeing" brings up 15,600,000 results. Clearly, some people are interested in these habits. Read on to learn what other disgusting or weird things other people do in the privacy of their own shower stall. At least, I hope no one's doing these things in a public or shared shower.


Making Hair Doodles

When you shed enough hair to open a wig factory with every shampoo, you've gotta do something with all those extra strands. Many people stick this stray hair on the shower wall so it doesn't clog the drain, and this is the perfect canvas for creating hair doodles. The idea is that you'll clean up all the wall hair once you're out of the shower, but that never happens, does it?



Shower peeing is a point of debate, but those in the pro-pee camp have some good arguments. Because it saves time and flushes, peeing in the shower is favored by many people, according to She Knows. Maybe it is the greenest choice.


Brushing Your Teeth

Many people brush their teeth in the shower for the sake of multitasking. And as long as you do a thorough job, it looks like brushing your teeth in the shower is an OK practice, according to Southeast Family Dental. Store your toothbrush outside the tub, so it's less likely to breed bacteria, is Southeast Family Dental's recommendation. Other than that, you can't beat the ease of gargling and rinsing under a shower nozzle.


Pulling Hair From Your Bum

Washing your hair tends to loosen the dead strands, which have nowhere to go but down. Then these hairs manage to get stuck in the worst place, and you have to get it out somehow. It's one of the weirder moments of showering.


Hocking A Loogie

What happens when the warm waters loosen up your phlegm? Sometimes you need to hack it up right away, and that's understandable. Just don't leave any terrible surprises for the next person who uses the shower.


Spitting Water

Do you catch some shower water in your mouth and then pretend you're a fountain? Are you over the age of 7? You're not alone.


Blowing Your Nose

Plenty of people use the shower as a space to clear blocked sinuses. In fact, blowing your nose in the shower is a treat for some people, according to Gurl, because it feels rebellious. At least you're cutting back on tissue waste.


Leaving The Drain Clogged

Sure, the drain is so full of hair and conditioner residue that only a drip of water can get through. But do you take the time to clean it out at any point in your showering routine? Nah. That standing water is great for a foot soak, anyway.


Letting One Out

Hey, you're in a private space. The running water blocks a lot of sound. It's only natural to let one rip.


Shaving With An Old Razor Blade

You're just being super frugal, right? The same razor blade you've used for the past few months is still going strong. That is, if you exert a lot of pressure with every stroke.

Although most of these gross habits are harmless, old blades can pose an actual problem. Shaving with an old blade can lead to folliculitis, according to Prevention. Because those blades hang out in a damp environment, bacteria can grow on it pretty quickly. About 5 to 10 uses is all you can expect from the average disposable razor blade.


Using The Same Washcloth Forever

Have you been using the same washcloth or loofah for a few days or weeks? They aren't self-cleaning. In fact, washcloths and face towels should be laundered after every use to prevent bacterial growth, according to Buzzfeed. But how many people follow those guidelines?


Popping A Blemish

Sometimes the warm water makes pimples come to a head. Why not go ahead and take care of them? You can wash away the resulting mess instantly.


Eating Or Drinking

Sure, shower beers are a thing. But it looks like people enjoy all kinds of refreshments in the tub, including oranges and tangerines, according to HuffPo. If you enjoy snacking or drinking while bathing, you're in good company.