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13 Halloween Costumes That Are Easy To Breastfeed In


Finding clothes to breastfeed comfortably in isn't always easy. Finding Halloween costumes — even more difficult. It's not that it can't be done, but who wants to take off most of their Halloween costume to feed their baby in the middle of a party or while trick or treating with your family? What you need are some Halloween costumes that are easy to breastfeed in so your baby can get the nourishment they need while you're still in the holiday spirit.

Luckily, this is one of the few times all of those "sexy" costumes can be really convenient. Ample cleavage means it's pretty easy to grab your boob and feed your baby, right? So if you were planning on rocking a sexy costume, you're one step closer to a Halloween costume that's pretty darn easy to breastfeed in.

But if you want a costume that's a little more specific, like a character or a classic Halloween entity like a vampire or mummy, here are 13 Halloween costumes for you that are easy to breastfeed in. Some require a nursing tank top, just for your own ease, but most can be made with things you have in your closet or costumes you can buy without doing any extra work. So pick one perfect for your Halloween plans and rest easy knowing your baby can be fed quickly without having to undress.

1Morticia Addams


She's sassy, she's spooky, and she wears some great dresses that give you easy access to your boobs. To transform yourself into Morticia Addams, the matriarch of the spookiest family, you'll need a gothic-style black dress ($22) and a long, straight, black wig ($14). All you have to do is pull the top of the dress down a bit to breastfeed your baby and then pull it right back up. Super easy and you'll look fantastic.

2Greek Goddess


You are a goddess and you know it, so why not dress as one? Especially because the Greek goddess costume ($35) is flowy, comfortable, and is incredibly easy to nurse a baby in. Just pull the fabric aside and then put it right back when you're done. Perfect.

3Wilma Flinstone


You know what else works great for breastfeeding? One shoulder tops, which is why you can totally rock a Wilma Flintstone costume ($42) for a Halloween party and nurse your baby at the same time. The side that's strapless can easily be pulled down so your little one has access to breastfeed without feeling too exposed or having to get completely undressed.

4Molly Weasley


She's the most bad*ss mother in all of literature and, naturally, her costume is perfect for breastfeeding moms. If you've ever dreamed of being Molly Weasley, all you need is a long patterned skirt ($17), a nursing tank ($13), a cardigan ($7), and a knit or crochet poncho ($20). The louder the patterns, the better, because Molly always looks quirky and fun. Just get dressed in everything and enjoy breastfeeding by opening the cardigan and pulling down the nursing tank. You can even use the poncho as a cover if you want so your costume isn't compromised at all. Don't forget your favorite pair of boots and wand ($7).



Y'all, it doesn't get much easier than dressing up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween. The Ghostbusters costume ($34) is just a zippered jumpsuit, so unzip a bit to have access to your breasts and you're good to go.



Your baby may have the fangs (breastfeeding kind of sucks with teeth), but you can dress up in the classic vampire costume ($40) and nurse your baby without an issue. There's lots of sexy cleavage being shown in the costume anyway, so all you need is to tug the fabric down a bit to breastfeed comfortably.

7Rosie The Riveter


She's an icon for feminism, which makes a Rosie the Riveter costume perfect for breastfeeding and enjoying Halloween night. All you need is a pair of jeans ($30), a denim button up shirt ($25), and a red and white polka dot bandana ($10). Put on the top, roll up the sleeves, and tie the bottom if you have some slack fabric. All you'll need to do is unbutton some of the shirt to breastfeed, but feel free to layer in a nursing tank if you're more comfortable.



You are a "mummy" after all. Why not dress like one? I know most mummy costumes are beige or white, but you can rock a great gray faux-wrap nursing top ($40), some gray leggings ($20), and a roll of gray crepe paper ($2). Just get dressed and drape some crepe paper up and down your arms, around your waist, and your legs. You can use safety pins to pin them in place. Hang a few pieces off the front of the top, but leave the opening alone so you can easily pull the top to the side to nurse while still looking like a mummy.

9Snow White


Pretty much any princess costume is great for breastfeeding, but there's an added benefit of being the original Disney princess — you can dress your baby as a dwarf. Rock a Snow White costume ($37) and you'll be able to nurse your little Happy all night long without either of you losing your Halloween spirit.

10Rey From 'Star Wars'


For the breastfeeding mama who prefers a little privacy, dressing in a Star Wars Rey costume ($45) is the perfect outfit for Halloween. If you need extra room in the shirt, just make a cut in the v-neck to get it a little wider, but you can use the sashes on the front as a cover so no one sees that you're nursing your little Jedi.

11Dr. Sattler From 'Jurassic Park'


She's a total boss, just like you. Dr. Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park is great and her costume is super easy to put together and perfect for nursing. All you'll need is a blue nursing tank top ($26), a salmon button down ($8) — tie it at your waist and roll up the sleeves, and a pair of khaki shorts ($16). Put your baby in a dinosaur costume for an extra dose of Jurassic Park.

12Red Riding Hood


Not only is a Red Riding Hood costume ($30) adorable, but it also has a great top that makes it easy to nurse. Plus, you can pull your hood around if you want some extra privacy. Dress your little one as a tiny wolf to complete the look.

13Wonder Woman


Because d*mmit, you are Wonder Woman. Whether you're breastfeeding at a Halloween party or while you're trick or treating with your older children, you are rocking it, mama. Put on your Wonder Woman costume ($50) and own every second of it. Super easy to breastfeed in and you'll feel like an empowered bad*ss.