13 Seriously Amazing Holiday Gifts For The Cat Lady In Your Life

Now that the holiday shopping season is well under way, many of us will be sighing about that age-old problem of "What can I get for my (fill in the blank)? I never know what to buy." But in truth, it's not that hard to shop for people if you have even a vague idea of their interests — and if there's someone on your list who owns a cat, shopping is as easy as picking up a holiday gift for cat owners, of which there are an almost limitless supply.

Cats are as much a part of our homes as the flat-screen TV; according to a 2015 Harris Poll, half of pet owners own cats, and a full 93 percent of them consider their kitties to be a part of the family. For a family member that doesn't do household chores or earn a salary, cats get lots of privileges; 81 percent of owners let their fluffs sleep on the bed, and 61 percent buy them holiday presents. Pet owners also tend to be proud of the fact that they share their lives with their fur babies, so a gift that reflects this love should be more than welcome.

The range of cat-related gifts runs from understated to kitschy, practical to ornamental. As the song goes, these are just a few of our favorite things; you should be able to find the purr-fect (sorry) gift for the cat lover in your life.

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