13 Last-Minute Summer Activities To Do Before Going Back To School

As summer break comes to a close, your kids are probably feeling a bit down in the dumps. Summer is a time of freedom, adventure, and fun, and facing the inevitable routine and work-load of the school year can make any kid sad. Despite the fact that most parents are usually overjoyed by the time school rolls back around, taking the time to scout out a few last-minute summer activities to do before going back to school will make sure their summer ends with a well-deserved bang.

Although you are probably running a million miles a minute trying to tie up loose ends and finish up your back-to-school shopping (and dreaming about what you'll do with all your kid-less free time), it never hurts to throw in some last-minute fun, no matter how jam-packed or relaxed your summer has been.

Most of these activities are totally free or at least affordable, making it even easier to say yes one last hurrah before school starts back up. An end of the summer bucket list is a great way to spend some quality time with the kids before the rush of homework, after school activities, and routine sets in. And chances are, they'll love one last opportunity to celebrate.


Have A Picnic

Packing a simple lunch and eating somewhere other than your dining room table can be a fun way to switch up the normal summer routine before school starts.


Go Swimming One More Time

Even if you spent the entire summer at the pool, beach, or splash pad, having one last hurrah before school starts up will be the perfect way to say goodbye to summer.


Go Geocaching

If your kids are a bit older, Geocaching can be an awesome way to get out the house and give them a fun sense of adventure. Dubbed the "world's largest treasure hunt," the Geocaching website will give you all the details you need to find the treasure nearest you.


Go Camping (Or Glamping)

No matter your level of outdoorsy-ness, spending a night under the stars — be it in a secluded campsite or in your own back yard — will be a night they'll always remember.


Go Out For Ice Cream

It's simple, sweet, and the perfect way to bid summer adieu.


Have A Craft Day

Hop on Pinterest and pick a random craft (or let your kiddos do the choosing.) Things are bound to get interesting.


Go To A Water Park

Even if it means a small road trip, taking a day-trip to the closest water park is a quintessential summer break activity.


Have A Sleepover

Before the homework starts rolling in and everyone's schedules get even more hectic, invite the kids' friends over for a movie night or sleep over.


Have A "Device-Free" Day

Shutting off all electronics for a day is the perfect way to stimulate their imaginations before they go back to school.


Go Back To School Bargain Hunting

While this might not be the top pick on your kid's list, saving a few dollars while school shopping can truly save your wallet and your sanity.


Go On A Pre-School Field Trip

Is there an educational museum nearby? Or maybe a national park? Take your kids on an impromptu field-trip before they go on the "real deal."


See A Matinee

Daytime movies are generally much cheaper, so if there's a movie you've been putting off all summer long, now's the time to see it.


Have A Family Game Night

Break out the board games and engage in a bit of friendly competition before homework and real routine sets in.