13 Meaningful Compliments You Should Give People More Often

When I was a kid, my mom suggested I get in the habit of randomly send cards to my relatives. "It should feel good to make others feel good," she would always tell me. "You never know how much nice words could mean to someone going through something." As I've gotten older and see firsthand how good it feels to hear nice things when I'm going through something, I see why it was so important to my mom for me to do that. Keeping a list of meaningful compliments you should give people more often has been something I've began, and just as my mom noted, it definitely makes me feel good to make others feel better.

What I've learned about myself is that I love to make people happy. One of the saddest things to me is to see my friends or loved ones not feeling like their best selves. When this happens, my first order of business is to always give them some sort of positive affirmation, compliment, or loving sentiment that can take them through the day. It's important to let people know how special or important they are, and there's no bad time to do it.

Has there ever been a moment where someone's compliment helped you get through your down moment? If so, why not give that same feeling you had to someone else on any given day? Just in case you need a little help on what to say, these 13 simple statements can turn anyone's frown upside down.


"I'm Proud Of You."

I've learned that telling people how proud you are of them — especially when they're feeling a little confused about their life — will give them reason to keep pushing on. Every time a friend calls me with an issue related to life or their career, I end the venting session with telling them how proud I am of them and how we'll make it through together.


"You Are Enough."

When I went through a bad breakup a few years ago, I struggled with feeling inadequate in the dating world for quite some time. In turn, it made me feel inadequate in the other areas of my life, too. The best compliment that someone gave me was that I was enough despite how I felt at the time. Sometimes, letting someone know that they are enough — whether it's for a certain job or for a certain person — will help them move through how they're feeling.


"You Look Good!"

This compliment is good for anyone that you come in contact with, but especially for those friends that have been working diligently at working on their figure. Giving your friends confirmation that you see their hard work paying off can make them work even harder and feel more confident in their change.


"You're Great Just The Way You Are."

Regardless if it's for a someone wanting to change themselves drastically or for someone that thinks they are not good enough, telling your friends that they are great is a way to show them that you adore them as is.


"You're Really Special."

When I was a kid, my second grade teacher would always tell our class how special each one of us were. She did that after we did poorly on a test, had a bad day, or even if we had a good day. By doing this, she made me realize that I really was special and that there was no one out there like me. I always like this compliment because it shows people that you see something in them that can't be found in anyone else.


"I Don't Know What I'd Do Without You."

There's importance in this statement because it lets the person you're telling it to know that they hold an sense of importance in your life that no one else can achieve.


"Thank You."

Though very simple to say, many people chop "thank you" up to just a statement that you say in passing. I, however, feel as if the statement is more than that — especially when said with feeling. Telling people "thank you" for everyday things lets them know that you truly are thankful for them and what they bring to your life.


"You're So Talented."

As a creative person, I sometimes get really down on myself and question the talents that I possess. However, when someone notices my talents and verbally expresses them to me, it makes me realize that I actually am as talented as they say.


"I Appreciate You."

There's something about hearing "I appreciate you" that makes people feel, well, appreciated. This compliment is bigger than people make it out to be because it reminds others that the work that their selflessness does not go unseen.


"I Love You."

Have you ever thought of "I love you" to be a compliment? I didn't at first. Now though, I realize that telling people how much you love them as often as you can has the same positive effects as any other compliment you issue out. You never know what those simple three words can cause a person to improve on within themselves, within their life, or within their career.


"You Are Strong."

Telling a woman how strong she is may seem like nothing to you, but it actually is one of the best things to hear. Women go through a lot and sometimes it feels like there's no way to take any more of what's coming at them. Reinforcing the fact that you see their hard work and know that they're able to accomplish whatever is put in front of them gives them reason to push on and do damage.


"I Believe In You."

At times, we need a little push to get the ball rolling on a certain idea or project. Hearing someone say how much they believe in you could be the way to get moving. For me, hearing those words make me realize that people truly see the best in me and want to see me prosper. Who would want to go against that?


"You're Going To Be Such A Great Parent."

This is so important. Speaking from a non-parent who wants to have children one day, I have anxiety sometimes about becoming a parent. I question whether or not I'll be a good parent because honestly, I'm still not so sure at times. However, when my friends with children tell me that they know I'm going to be a great parent, it makes all of my worries go away. It's the smallest compliments that go the furthest in most of your friend's lives.