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13 Morning Rituals To Make Your Relationship Sexier

Sure, screaming alarm clocks and morning breath are not exactly conducive to romance. Even the most dedicated morning person likely has some trouble finding a way to make the early hours sexy. (I mean, it's called the "cold light of day" for a reason.) But there are indeed plenty of morning rituals to make your relationship sexier. Because the coffee pot shouldn't be the only thing heating up at daybreak.

You and your SO don't have to run through the whole list every morning — who has the time? — but there are probably a few tips you can incorporate into your morning routine for more romance on the daily. After all, the morning can set the whole tone for your day. Starting off with love and affection is much better than greeting the day with bared teeth and an excess of stress. If you start things off right, you just might find yourselves in for much more sexy time overall.

Whether you're a dedicated night owl or an early bird, there are plenty of benefits to reconnecting with your SO in the early light of dawn. You can make time for one another before the many demands of the day intervene, and it's just a pleasant way to strengthen your relationship every day. Read on to see which of these rituals may work for you.


Enjoy Breakfast Together

Even if you just have a minute to spare for hurriedly sipping at your latte, try to share at least some time together each morning. Sure, slurping up cereal milk is not as romantic as a candlelit dinner for two, but even the most casually shared breakfast still has its charms. It's an easy way to touch base and reconnect before the rest of the day intervenes (even if you're both still too sleepy to talk).


Bathe Together

Although a double shower can be very pleasant even on the most time-crunched of weekday mornings, you can take a tip from Cosmopolitan and enjoy a leisurely bath together one weekend morning. You might just wind up going back to bed.


Check In

When you and your SO have crazy-busy schedules, it can be difficult to find moments to reconnect. But those connections are crucial, and the mornings can be a perfect time to check in with one another. As noted in Glamour, you and your partner can take a few minutes each morning to chat about your lives and a have a meaningful discussion to help maintain your relationship.


Awaken Your Partner Lovingly

Sure, it may be tempting to throw your hand over your eyes and groan whenever the alarm clock sounds. But it's kinder to your relationship (and yourself) to get up in a calmer manner. As suggested in Psychology Today, you can help your partner wake up with a gentle hug or some sweet words. This can set a better tone for the whole day.


Give A Sincere Compliment

It may be tempting to make some crack about your partner's stellar morning hair, but a little sincerity can go a long way. Try kicking off each morning with a compliment about your partner, and (for extra credit) compliment something new each morning. You can express gratitude for your SO's sweet nature, great sense of humor, or excellent bedroom skills. The tone is up to you.


Write Sweet (Or Steamy) Notes

In the age of constant texts and emails, a handwritten note still stands out. You don't have to bust out a calligraphy pen or anything (unless you want to); a playful little message on a sticky note just might make your partner's day. You could leave it on the bathroom mirror to find when they get up, or tuck it in their work bag.



There is almost always time for another minute of cuddling and kissing. Taking a moment to appreciate your partner, as well as the warm, comfy bed, can be quite romantic. And, depending on how much time you have available, it might lead to something more.


Have Sex

Why not get right to the point? You and your partner can make use of the many positions that are best for morning sex to start the day off so, so right. It just might make a morning person out of you yet.


Enjoy A Spicy Breakfast

Why not heat up the first meal of the day? According to the Huffington Post, eating foods containing capsaicin, such as hot peppers, can trigger endorphins and increase the pleasure response. See what happens when you whip up some omelettes with hot sauce for breakfast.


Drop Hints About The Evening

Most adults have to get up and work most days of the week, so you and your SO may not have time for even the quickest of quickies most mornings. But you can still set the tone for your evening by making a comment or two about what you plan to do later. Then follow through in the evening.


Text Your Intentions

If you're in a long-distance relationship or in the early phases of dating, then you may not wake up with your partner each morning. To keep the spark alive, you can send a sexy text first thing in the morning. As noted by Your Tango, it's a good idea to have a range of texts, from sweet to racy, to keep your partner guessing. It just might be the message that takes your SO's morning from good to great.


Play Mood Music

You can make the most of that song alarm feature on your phone. Play something sexy every morning to give you and your SO a little moment of romance before the day really begins. After all, waking up to a sweet sax solo is much better than any blaring alarm.


Kiss Goodbye

Sure, it may sound trite and even cliched. But the goodbye kiss has been a mainstay of sexy couples for a good reason. As noted in Thought Catalogue, kissing your partner goodbye before your head to your respective days is an easy way to keep your relationship happy. And — depending on the type of kiss — sexy as well.