13 Unique (& Totally Not Mainstream) Mother's Day Gifts For The Hipster Mom

Hipsters thrive on being outside the norm and not really digging anything considered "mainstream." Whether it's in their fashion, what music they listen to, the books they read, or how they enjoy beverages, there's just something that makes them distinctively hipster. My close friends admitted to having discussions as to whether I was a hipster or just a nerd. (Thanks guys.) I'd say a little of both as I have the right glasses for it, love vinyl, scarves, and art from local artists. If the mama you know is the same, you'll want some Mother's Day gifts for the hipster.

I know hipster has a negative connotation sometimes, but I think it's pretty awesome, and I can relate. I hate big box stores and try to shop as locally as I can. I love vintage and collect vinyl records (I think it sounds better on vinyl anyway). My house is decorated with prints from Etsy instead of generic stuff from big box stores or expensive galleries (which I can't afford anyway), and I hate chain coffee shops, instead supporting my local shop down the street, where they sell local art and have the best coffee in town. If the mom in your life has similar tastes as me, she'll love any of these gifts from you for Mother's Day.



Camel Plaid Scarf ($20, Target)

Every stereotypical hipster picture has someone in glasses with a scarf. She'll love how hip she'll look in an infinity scarf, no matter what time of year it is.


Etsy Artwork

Bunny Hipster Artwork ($11, Etsy)

No hipster wants generic artwork from a store. They want to support small businesses and local artists, which you'll find on Etsy. I am obsessed with Etsy prints because you can't get them anywhere else. Hipster? Maybe. But isn't this print of a hipster bunny for the hipster mom in your life so meta?


Meditation Pillow

Meditation Pillow ($30, Amazon)

Sometimes mama needs a quiet break to clear her head. The new "in" thing is finding inner peace, and the hipster mom in your life will love this hip, chic, and functional meditation pillow.



Vinyl (Varies, Amazon)

The constant Moana and other kid songs got her down? Give the hipster mom in your life the gift of vinyl. I personally collect old classic rock vinyl and have some newer stuff myself, and I love receiving them as gifts. In my opinion (and probably most hipster's opinions), music just sounds better on vinyl rather than MP3.


Ironic T-Shirts

Ironic T-Shirt ($17, Etsy)

Nothing says hipster quite like an ironic t-shirt. They're everywhere, but I think the best and most unique ones are on Etsy. She'll appreciate you supporting small businesses while getting her a t-shirt nobody else will have.


Enamel Pins

The Book Was Better Pin ($10, Punky Pins)

Ironic and adorable enamel pins can go anywhere these days, whether it's her hipster scarf, her messenger bag, or her denim jacket. There are so many enamel pin Instagram pages now, I'm sure you'll be able to find something she'll love.


Thick-Rimmed Glasses (Prescription Not Necessary)

Thick-Rimmed Glasses ($140+, Frames Direct)

At least around where I live, you can find fake hipster glasses pretty much anywhere. They're at vintage boutiques, thrift stores, Target, you name it. I personally love Warby Parker for my real thick-rimmed glasses for which I need a scrip, but Frame Direct also has hipster-specific glasses, no prescription necessary. Mom will feel stylish while running the kids around.


French Press

French Press ($8, Ikea)

Drip coffee is so yesterday. Hipsters love to brew their freshly ground, locally roasted beans at home and put it in their French press. It just tastes better, OK?


Polaroid Camera & Film

Polaroid Camera & Film ($100 for the camera, Best Buy)

Most hipsters love vintage. And photography. And this Polaroid camera combines both. How cool to get a printed picture of your kids (or dinner) instantly?


Beer Growler

Beer Growler ($69, Uncommon Goods)

In Atlanta, there are several places you can get beer growlers and have them refilled with your favorite brew. Hell, the coffee shop down the street even has cold brewed coffee growlers — so the growler idea is pretty popular. If the hipster mom in your life wants her very own growler to go to any beer shop she chooses, she'll love this one from Uncommon Goods.


Mini Photography Kit

Mini Photography Kit ($80, Best Buy)

Again. Hipsters and photography. She'll feel like a professional photographer with the quality of photos she'll be able to produce, just with her iPhone and these accessories.


Urban Outfitters or American Apparel Gift Card

Urban Outfitters or American Apparel Gift Card (Varies, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel)

Urban Outfitters and American Apparel are hipster mecca clothing stores. Body suits, frayed denim, they've got it. Urban Outfitters is so hipster, they sell record players and Polaroid cameras. Get her a gift card to either of these stores and she'll be thrilled she can pick something out she'll love.


Make Your Own Tea Kit

Make Your Own Tea Kit ($40, Uncommon Goods)

In addition to high-end coffee and beer, I've found hipsters really like tea. This tea kit will allow her to make her own delicious blends from organic leaves, which is super important.

No matter what you decide, as long as it's not "mainstream," I'm sure she'll love your gift.

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