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13 National Doughnut Day Memes To Sweeten Your Celebration


Because it's 2016, you know that you can't properly celebrate any day unless you post about it on social media — especially if the holiday involves food. For National Doughnut Day, that means it's time to fire up your profiles. You're going to need Instagram posts of your treat, a doughnut-themed Snapchat filter, and National Doughnut Day memes to spread out your celebration.

Doughnuts and memes just seem like they should go hand-in-hand, right? There's a doughnut emoji for crying out loud, which means the world of social media really, truly loves some doughnuts. It's like pizza for the sweet-toothed person. Everybody loves to share memes of pizza with a caption like "bae" or "this could be us, but you're not pizza." The same can be said of doughnuts. In fact, I'll give doughnuts all the heart-eyes before I give them to pizza.

Because doughnuts? They're just happy. Whether they're covered in frosting, dotted with brightly colored sprinkles, or simply the best part of your morning, they are instant mood enhancers. And I'm proud to celebrate National Doughnut Day on June 3 (Ideally by scoring a free doughnut.) If you're ready to jump-start your doughnut holiday, here are 13 National Doughnut Day memes that can get your social media ready for the sweet carbs. Don't forget to tag your friends so they can join you for doughnuts and coffee!

1Doughnuts Never Let You Down


Doughnuts are shaped like lifesavers, therefore, they would never harm you. Ever.

2You Need A Doughnut Hole


Doughnut holes fill all the emptiness.

3Just Don't


Especially on National Doughnut Day.

4No Guilt Here


I mean, you're basically eating air.

5Doughnuts Can Help


Coffee may keep you motivated, but doughnuts keep you happy.

6Not Today, Satan


And that's a big maybe.

7Me Every National Doughnut Day


Except I don't eat mine as nicely as Homer does.

8Me To Every Doughnut I See


So obviously you can't eat a doughnut without eating a doughnut hole, too.

9Food Never Requires Guilt


Especially when it's a doughnut. Just eat it and be happy.

10I Didn't Get The Memo


But it's not too late. Eat that doughnut!

11Never Worry With Doughnuts


Except when you're worrying about which dozen to pick for your box.

12My In Cat Form


This is basically how I talk to every doughnut.



See? You're totally healthy choosing doughnuts over crystal meth. It's a fact. If only Walt and Jesse could've made doughnuts instead.