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13 Pics Of Babies & Grandparents Meeting For The First Time That Are So Sweet

Grandparents have the best deal when it comes to kids. They get all the fun without the daily responsibility of raising children, making it no surprise that grandma's house is your kid's favorite place to go. Grandparents offer a pure and unconditional love to their kids' kids, and these photos of grandparents meeting their grandkids just emphasize the special nature of their bond.

Seriously though, grandparents love being grandparents. A study conducted by the American Grandparents Association found that 72 percent of grandparents think being a grandparent is the single most important and satisfying thing in their lives, and they go out of their way to prioritize their grandchildren. Maybe it's because they're often retired when grandkids come on the scene so they have more time to spend with them, or maybe some people find it easier to be a grandparent than a parent because the relationship requires less pressure. (Assuming you have a traditional grandparent to grandchild relationship.)

Either way, the majority of grandparents live to watch their grandchildren grow, explaining why your mom Facetimes you every two hours to see if your kid has learned any new words since the last time you talked. Read on to see the transformative moment when grandparents meet the little one who will become the apple of their eye, and try not to get too emosh thinking about how loved your little one is.

1. Grandma's Got You

Karlota Rodriguez captured a grandma who is full of emotion as she looks at her baby's baby in this photo. She cradles the newborn in a hospital, gazing down at them as they snooze in her arms. Her mouth parts slightly, with all of her focus on the infant.

2. First Kiss

These grandparents enjoy a moment alone with their grandchild just after their birth. Grandpa holds the baby, looking down at them with a smile. Grandma holds the baby's head and leans down to kiss their forehead, her eyes closed sweetly. Photo by Samantha at Sabel Moments.

3. Getting A Good Look

Grandma is glowing in this photo by Christy Morgan. A group crowds around a new baby in their hospital crib, with grandma in the front. She leans over the crib, smiling as she looks at the baby with excitement.

4. Sweet Dreams

First Day Photo caught a quiet kiss between baby and grandma in this photo. A newborn is swaddled in a flower-patterned blanket, with their grandma holding them gently. She leans down to kiss the baby's forehead, with the little one seeming totally at ease. They're natural together.

5. Look At This

A grandparent eagerly shows off her grandchild in this photo, taken by Crow Birth. The baby is in the center of the shot, with grandma holding them up from the left. Her hand supports the baby's delicate neck, and she sports an excited expression, looking at someone across from her.

6. Through The Looking Glass

In Marysol Blomerus's photo, a gaggle of grandparents get their first look at their grandchild, though a layer glass stands between them. Dad holds the baby up for his family to see with a grin on his face, and the grandparents stand close to the glass to take the baby in. Their expressions vary — one smiles widely, another looks on in wonder, a grandfather appears to be crying, and another smiles softly. But the common thread is that none can take their eyes off the baby.

7. Good Job, Mom

A new mom holds her baby to her chest moments after birth, while her mom holds her. Mom sits with her partner next to her, the couple holding hands under the baby. Grandma's arm rests on her daughter's arm, and she kisses her head, seemingly in congratulations. Photo by Maggie Shackelford.

8. Nice To Meet Ya

The angle of this shot, taken by Tru Love Birth Photography & Doula Services, gives the viewer the same perspective as a grandmother holding her new grandchild, and the view is stunning. Grandma is towards the left in the frame, holding the baby. The little one smiles in her direction with closed eyes, and she puts her hand to theirs, getting to know this new person.

9. Helping Hand

Erin Heuser snapped this stunning shot of a grandmother who actually helped with her grandchild's birth. In the photo, grandma is standing to birthing mom's left, holding her hospital gown up. The baby has just been born, still attached to the umbilical cord, and a midwife holds the crying newborn up for mom and grandma to see. Mom looks at her baby in wonder while grandma grins widely. The three of them are in together."

10. Look At This

This grandpa is totally enamored with his grandchild, holding them and showing them off all at once. He cradles the baby to his chest, tilting them upward so the rest of the room can see. His glasses are pushed up, allowing him to get a good view, and he has his eyes locked on the little one. Photo by Timothy Clopp.

11. We've Got You

These grandparents are the epitome of pride in Cicely Ramirez's photo. Grandma cradles the newborn, grinning down at them. Grandpa stands behind her and reaches around towards the baby, seeming to be talking to them. The baby looks back at them, and the excitement the two have for this little person is palpable.

12. Long Distance Love

In this photo by Thrive Birth Photography, the wonders of modern technology allow a grandma to see their grandchild just minutes after their birth, even though she isn't actually there. A mom lies on a hospital bed with her newborn, and dad is standing next to the bed, holding up an iPhone with grandma on Facetime. Grandma covers her mouth as she gets her first look at her grandchild through the video, her face full of emotion. Her love closes the miles between them.

13. Hey There

Alex Baughman of Folly Girl Photography captured this photo of a grandpa meeting his grandchild, and his excitement is palpable. The baby is swaddled in his arms, and he gazes down at them. Grandpa's face is partially shaded by a ball cap, but you can still see the huge smile he has for the newborn.