13 Products You Need To Encourage Your Child On Their Potty Training "Journey"

My kids are past potty-training age — long past, I should add — but I still vividly remember the months... and months... of waiting, coaxing, sighing, and cheering that went along with that all-important learning period. Without getting too technical, let's just say that mine weren't the kind of kids who were ready to give up diapers the day after their first birthdays. I used charts and other potty training products. I used the words "big kid" in approximately every other sentence. I learned to watch for signs that they were about to go, so I could rush them to the bathroom in time. And I threw out more than a few pairs of underwear that were too far gone to bother washing.

There were times, I admit, when I thought I would be packing adult diapers in my children's college luggage. I was sure that I was the only mom whose toddlers were lagging behind the learning curve. But my pediatrician assured me that kids train at their own pace. Unless there are medical or developmental issues involved, eventually even the most reluctant children become potty pros. Happily, I soon found out that she was right.

Still, there's nothing wrong with offering a few incentives to encourage a child to use the toilet. It can make the process more pleasant and less stressful for both toddler and parents. These days, there are plenty of great products out there. Here are some worth checking out:

Aim-Improving Toilet Stickers