13 Rainbow Baby Names for Boys That Are Full Of Positive Vibes

When you bring home a rainbow baby, it can feel like the sweetest, most emotionally charged moment in the world. Rainbow babies are those that come after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. They are little miracles that brighten your life after some truly dark days or even years. If your road to becoming a rainbow mom was a long one, you might just want to choose a rainbow baby boy name that honors that journey. They say it's always darkest before the dawn, and in the case of rainbow babies, that is most certainly true.

For parents who've experienced the devastating loss of a child, to then go on to experience the infinite joy of bringing home a healthy baby, it really does give new meaning to the word "hope." That's why so many rainbow parents look for baby names that mean hope, blessing, or miracle. Some even look for ways to honor the child they lost so that his or her memory can live on in the new baby. While other parents, especially those who've suffered countless miscarriages, look for a baby name that captures the pure joy and happiness they feel when they finally have a baby of their own. One thing is for sure: that rainbow baby of yours deserves a name as special as he is.

Here are 13 rainbow baby names to consider for your beautiful, bright baby boy.


The Norse name Von means "hope," according to Nameberry. It is different from the Welsh name Vaughn, or Vaughan, all of which, according to Nameberry means "small." However, if your rainbow baby boy was born a preemie, any of these monikers and their unique spellings could be a great fit.


The name Felix means "happy" or "lucky" according to Baby Name Wizard, and several early saints held this moniker. Saint Felix of Nola distributed his inheritance to the poor — and after his death, his tomb became famous for the miracles that happened there, according to Catholic Online.


Rainbow babies are truly a gift, so what could be better than choosing a name that actually means "Gift from God"? Matthias is a Hebrew name that means just that, according to She Knows.


Nathaniel is another Hebrew name that means "Gift of God," according to Nameberry. It's been a popular name choice for some time, reaching 61st in popularity in 2001, according to the Social Security Administration (SSA).


The name Theodore, which is derived from the Greek name "Theodorus," means "God's gift," according to Baby Name Wizard. This is one name that comes with plenty of adorable nicknames, too: Teddy, Ted, and Theo.


Bennett is derived from the Latin name Benedictus, which means "blessed," according to Ancestry. The name Bennett also appears to be a name rising in popularity, ranking 123rd in 2017, according the SSA.


This Yiddish name means "blessed," according to She Knows. It sounds uniquely hip and comes equipped with the cutest little nickname, Zee.


If you're looking for a name that means "blessed" or "annointed" look no further than the name Karsten. It's a popular name in Scandanavia, according to Baby Gaga, and you may very well start a trend on this side of the Atlantic.


This is one baby boy name that literally means "rainbow," according to Nameberry. Tibetan in origin, it is pronounced "jah-loo." What name could be better suited for your rainbow baby?


Adom is African in origin and means "God's blessing," according to She Knows. With its slight spelling variation, it feels like a modern take on the Biblical name, Adam.


This straightforward name means "hope," according to Meaning of Names. It makes for a strong-sounding first name, or it could be a perfect one-syllable middle name.


The melodic name Tumelo means "faith" in the South African languages of Sotho and Tswana, according to Behind the Name. This is one boys' name that brings a smile to my face.


Carwyn is a unisex name that sounds super modern. The name means 'blessed love," according to Nameberry. And how cool would it be to be able to yell "Win!" across the playground?