13 Reasons Piglet Is Actually The Best Role Model In 'Winnie The Pooh'

It's amazing to me that, as a parent, I read some of the same books to my daughter that my parents read to me, and they had read to them, and so on and so forth. In some cases, beloved characters from my grandmother's childhood are some of my little girl's favorites. Most notably, the gang from Winnie the Pooh — especially Piglet. Don't get me wrong, the entire group from the Hundred Acre Wood is marvelous, but Piglet is the best role model in Winnie the Pooh

Think about it. For most children, the idea of being little is a huge source of contention for them. They all want to be "big kids." They want to "do it themselves" from a very young age, and are known for lashing out when you tell them they're just too little for something. Piglet is the tiniest of the bunch (excluding Roo, who's a baby), but that doesn’t stop him from having adventures, making mischief, and being there for his friends. He's proof that no matter how small you are, if your heart and brain are full, you can achieve just about anything. What more do you need in a role model?

Here are just some of the many reasons why Piglet is the most inspirational of the bunch, and why he's really the star of the series.


He Tries To Be Brave, Despite His Fears

Piglet is anxious, timid, and terrified of most things. But he never lets that stop him from doing what he needs to do. He tries incredibly hard to overcome his fears and be brave, despite every bone in his body telling him to run.


He Is Tidy

Piglet is known for being neat and tidy, and has actually spent his mornings sweeping snow from the outside of his house, while the snow is still falling.


He Is Loyal

Despite some of his friends more out-there ideas, like Pooh constantly trying to capture the dangerous Heffalumps, Piglet remains a loyal confidante and friend. Everyone knows they can count on Piglet, despite his anxieties, and he will do whatever he can to help. Remember when Owl's home was destroyed by the wind? Piglet moved right into Pooh's house so that Owl could have Piglet's den all to himself.


He Faces Danger For His Friends

He may be absolutely terrified, but Piglet will face those fears if it means helping his friends. There are a few cases where Piglet bails on some of the more dangerous adventures, but only if Christopher Robin steps in to help. He never lets Pooh or any of the gang head out on their own to face danger, even if it means he has to go along, too.


He Is Passionate

He's not just a friend in the standard, traditional sense. Piglet is values the relationships he has with others as the most important things.


He Battles His Insecurities

All of them, every day. Despite being embarrassed by some of them, he still makes it a priority to overcome them in the best way he can.


He Is Creative

When it's time to catch a Heffalump, Piglet is the brains behind the operation. I mean, even Pooh couldn't think up hiding a pot of honey in a trap. Piglet is always coming up with new, creative ideas for their adventures, like leaving jelly beans as a trail to find their way home, even if his friends don't seem to notice his actions.


He Is Compassionate

You know what story of Piglet's always makes me cry? The one with Eeyore's birthday. He decides to give Eeyore a lovely red balloon, but on his way to Eeyore's house, he falls down and bursts it. He still gives the deflated balloon to Eeyore (who loves it of course), but is very upset about it. I love that story so much. It's proof that all Piglet wants is for those around him to be happy, and he feels immense disappointment when he can't make it happen for them.


He Can Admit Fault

Piglet is absolutely terrified of Heffalumps, but when he finally meets one that he thinks is terrorizing the Hundred Acre Wood, he learns that she's simply a mama Heffalump looking for her baby. Piglet is the first of the gang to befriend their enemy and it is a sweet gesture of a little fella who admits his wrongs.


He Never Judges His Friends

It doesn't matter to him that Eeyore is depressed and a bit of a downer or that Pooh often overlooks Piglet's accomplishments when they are together. He loves all of them, despite any flaws, and stands by them no matter what.


He Proves It's OK To Be Afraid

Despite being ashamed and embarrassed of his insecurities, Piglet proves over and over that it's OK to be afraid. The lesson he teaches is that as long as you work hard to overcome your fear, it's alright to be nervous or worried.


He Stutters

Yep. A major character with a speech impediment? This is huge for other kids who stutter, especially when Piglet's friends accept him for who he is and don't make fun of him for it.


He Ignores Fashion Trends

In the original stories, Piglet is often dressed in a long green jumper. In the Disney adaptation, he's always in a magenta striped bodysuit. These may not be the most on-trend items, but Piglet doesn't care. You keep doing you, Pig.

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