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13 Reasons To Orgasm Once A Day, Even If You're Not An "O"-verachiever

As your friend, I hope that you're having orgasms on a fairly regular basis, but I also think it's time that I encourage you to try having an orgasm once a day. I know, it sounds good, but it also sounds like its going to take a lot of work and time that you don't currently have. But listen to these two words — worth it. There are so many reasons to orgasm once a day, aside from the fact it feels fan-freakin-tastic.

Think of it as a new habit to pick up, but one of those healthy, super beneficial ones that can make you feel good (in more ways than one) at the end of the day. Like flossing or drinking more water — except an orgasm? Way more fun to have.

For the most part, all anyone hears about orgasms is how to have them or how to make your partner have one. Everyone wants the most mind-blowing orgasm possible, and it seems like they're willing to contort their bodies into made-up positions and buy expensive toys to make that happen. But this idea of having one every day? It doesn't require a whole lot of work or fancy tricks. Whether you're in a relationship or single doesn't matter so much here either. All that matters is that there are 13 reasons why you should be having an orgasm every day, and they are all convincing enough for you to find that time to make it happen each day.


Because It's 'You' Time

Finally, right? You've had a crazy day full of work, kids, a social life, family, and more. It's time to wind down, so what better way to handle your alone time than with an orgasm? You don't need to refresh that Facebook newsfeed anymore, let's get serious here.


It Puts You To Sleep

I've called orgasms "nature's sleeping pills" before and the name makes perfect sense. According to Self, orgasms release tons of endorphins, along with oxytocin, and can sedate your brain. Have yourself an orgasm at the end of the night, and you'll be drifting off to sleep in no time.


It's Relaxing

Come on. You already know that orgasms are totally relaxing. A study even found that when a woman orgasms, the part of her brain that focuses on fear and anxiety is actually deactivated during climax. So whatever you're worried about, an orgasm once a day can clear it right up.


It Boosts Your Immune System

Orgasms feel way better than the flu shot, so have one every day. The Mirror reported that having an orgasm can increase your infection-fighting cells by 20 percent. Ain't nobody got time to be sick.


It Increases Your Self Confidence

Feeling kind of crabby or not like your usual hot self? All the more reason to have an orgasm. One study found that women positively associated a boost in self esteem with having an orgasm.


It Clears Up Your Skin

OK, you might still have a little breakout here and there, but according to Good Housekeeping, an orgasm releases oxytocin which lowers your cortisol levels and can clear up any inflammation in your skin, making pimples less noticeable.


It Brings You Closer To Your Partner

If you're planning on sharing your daily orgasm with your SO, it can strengthen your bond and relationship. That hormone oxytocin has another job when you orgasm, it acts as a bonding agent and explains why you want to cuddle with your partner after sex.


It Helps You Figure Out What You Like

Having an orgasm every day is great for your sex life, too. By having an orgasm every day, you're basically giving yourself practice to see what turns you on, what makes you cum, and the best position to be in when you're with your partner.


It's A Stress Management Technique

No one likes being snappy and stressed, which is exactly why having a daily orgasm is so important for your well-being. Sex has already been considered a great stress reliever, but all of those health benefits of orgasms, including the endorphins and oxytocin rush, really help make it a great way to blow off some steam.


It Regulates Your Period

According to LA Weekly, women who cum once a week are more likely to have a regulated, 28 day period than women who don't. Apparently when you're having an orgasm, that blood rush to your vagina is making sure to deliver all the healthy nutrients where they count.


It Replaces Sugar Cravings

Stay with me here. According to Elle, masturbation is a way to fulfill a natural physical craving, and can actually replace your cravings for caffeine and sugar. It may not be an overnight success, but with daily orgasms, you might be able to give up your late night snack binge.


It Relieves Pain

Bad back, awful cramps, or just feeling achy all over? According to Women's Health, an orgasm can relieve you of your pain because of the rush of endorphins.


It Just Feels Good

I mean, come on. You don't need a list of reasons on why eating chocolate every day for you is good, right? You just do it because you like chocolate and it's delicious. Think of your daily orgasm the same way. It feels good, so you do it.