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13 Sentimental Father's Day Cards That May Make Dad Shed A Tear

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Father's Day only comes around once a year, which is why it is the perfect time to let your dad know exactly how special he is to you. You may not be able to find the words yourself to tell him what he means to you but, fortunately, there are plenty of card makers out there who have done all of the work for you. And if you want to elicit an ugly cry, there are some great sentimental Father's Day cards that will let your dad know that you appreciate him all year long.

You know all of the sacrifices he's made to provide for you. You know how much he worries when he gets a call from you in the middle of the night. You know how he (mostly) happily opens his wallet whenever you are in a jam. But you may not have always given him a proper thank you. This Father's Day is a great time to remind him that he's your favorite guy (next to Ryan Gosling, of course). So take a little inspiration from the cards on this list, and pick up one for your dad that lets him know exactly how you feel. Bonus points if you get him a beer to go along with it.

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1st Father's Day

The first year as a new dad is no joke. There are sleepless nights and hours of worry. But if the dad in your life is taking each new challenge like a champ, then this message is perfect: “You might be new at this, but you already know and show how this 'Dad' thing is done. Happy 1st Father's Day."


Stepdad Father's Day Card

For anyone who was raised by a terrific stepdad, you know the Brad Paisley song “He Didn't Have To Be” rings true. This card puts a similar message in card for so you can tell your stepdad just how much his efforts have meant with the note: Thank you for being the dad you didn't have to be.


Grandpa Father's Day Card

This sweet card says it all to the pop who not only raised you, but is there for your kids to. It says, “The only thing better than having you as my dad, is my children having you as my as their grandpa.” Have the Kleenex ready with this one.


From Daughter To Dad

"What does a girl do when life gets crazy and she needs a shoulder to lean on? She goes to the guy who's always been there for her. Someone she's proud to call 'Dad.' Happy Father's Day.” Many women can relate to this. Their dad was the first man in their life. The guy who fixed their bike and kissed their knees when they fell down learning to ride. He’s been there through thick and thin and this card expresses that beautifully.


Long-Distance Dad

With families more spread out than ever, the feeling of longing for one’s dad on Father’s Day is a powerful emotion. Tell your dad you miss him with this card that says, “Missing You on Father's Day” Inside Message: "Even though we can't be together this Father's Day, I'm glad that we are always close in heart.” Aww.


Grateful For All He's Done

What dad hasn’t sacrificed for his kids. Worked overtime, pinched pennies, made tough choices to provide for his children. You may not have seen all the little ways your dad has gone above and beyond for you, but we bet you’ve enjoyed the benefits. Show how much that extra effort meant with this card that says: “I may never know all the sacrifices you've made or the challenges you've faced, but I do know how proud I am and how privileged I feel to have you for a dad. Happy Father's Day.”


Someone To Look Up To

Don’t have time to run to the store to get a card, but still want to send your dad a meaningful message? This digital download not only includes a heartwarming note, you can print it at home. It reads “You are loving, kind, optimistic, funny, helpful, fun, happy, strong, thoughtful, dedicated, awesome, hardworking, supportive, wise, adventurous, handsome, wonderful, smart, brave, trustworthy, great.” Pretty much sums it up, huh?


Thanks To You

Have someone in your life who was like a dad to you? They deserve a card too, right? Luckily Etsy vendor SnaptureThis has just the thing. It literally says “Thank you for being my father figure.” If that doesn’t tug at a man’s heart, we don’t know what will.


He's Your Fave

Want to give him all the thumbs up emojis? Does your dad deserve all the high fives? Tell him he’s your fave with this sweet, simple card that says “You’re my favorite, Dad!”


Big Shoes

Does it seem like you can never live up to your dad in the parenting department? We get that. Enter this heart-string tugger that says “You’ve Given Me Big Shoes to Fill.” Blank on the inside, there’s plenty of room to write your own note.


He Does It All

Do you know a dad who can do it all? Juggle a Bjorn, stroller, and the packed aisles of Costco on Sunday rush hour... this illustration speaks to that papa, the kind of dad who embraces everything about being a father.


To My Dads

Two dads means twice the love for this lucky cub. One card for each dad would be nice too, but this is so cute they'll definitely forgive you for doubling up on your Father's Day greeting.


Just Like You

You’ve probably thought it before, that your kids will grow up to emulate your parents. Now is the time to say it. Put it on paper with this card that reads “I hope they grow up to be just like you.” We guarantee that’ll be a lump in dad’s throat.

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