13 Sentimental Father's Day Cards That May Make Dad Shed A Tear


Father's Day only comes around once a year, which is why it is the perfect time to let your dad know exactly how special he is to you. You may not be able to find the words yourself to tell him what he means to you but, fortunately, there are plenty of card makers out there who have done all of the work for you. And if you want to elicit an ugly cry, there are some great sentimental Father's Day cards that will let your dad know that you appreciate him all year long.

You know all of the sacrifices he's made to provide for you. You know how much he worries when he gets a call from you in the middle of the night. You know how he (mostly) happily opens his wallet whenever you are in a jam. But you may not have always given him a proper thank you. This Father's Day is a great time to remind him that he's your favorite guy (next to Ryan Gosling, of course). So take a little inspiration from the cards on this list, and pick up one for your dad that lets him know exactly how you feel. Bonus points if you get him a beer to go along with it.

1. A Lifetime Of Love

Let know Dad know you always have — and always will — loves him with this lifetime of love card ($5).

2. The Ultimate Fixer

He may be crabby sometimes, but he's always there to fix things, and he's great at it. Let him know with the"Fixer" card ($4).

3. Your Anchor

For the dad that has kept you steady in the storm, this anchor-themed Father's Day card ($5) is a must-give.

4. The Original Super Man

Not all superheroes wear capes, and this superhero-themed card ($5) will remind your dad of that.

5. Daddy's Girl

If you and your father share a special bond, then this "Always Be Your Little Girl card ($5) will tug at his heartstrings.

6. He Did That

Let him know that all of the little things he did were a really big deal with the "You Did All That" card ($4).

7. Someone To Look Up To

The "Look Up To You" card ($3) will let him know that you always admire the man he is.

8. Thanks To You

You appreciate his role in making you the person you are today. Let him know with the "I Am Me" card ($6).

9. Thanks For Raising Me

This "Thank You For Raising Me" card ($4) is a great way to acknowledge all the work your dad put in over the years.

10. From Son And Daughter

Go halfsies with your brother on this card from a son and daughter ($6).

11. You Let Me Be Me

The "Letting Me Be Me" card, ($4.50) for the guy who did you a favor by not getting involved in everything.

12. The Definition Of Dad

The best thing about this "Definition of Dad" card ($5) is that you can customize it to feature your pop's name.

13. Ain't That The Truth

Remind dad that you'll always need him with this simple, sweet Father's Day card ($3).