Teachers Need Appreciation Now More Than Ever & These 13 Online Gifts Can Help

National Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up on Tuesday, May 5, but what can you get for a teacher your child isn't seeing in person right now? While coronavirus has students doing distance learning at home, you need teacher appreciation gifts you can order online so you can still send them a little something during this challenging time. No matter your budget, knowledge of your child's teacher, or how much time you want to invest, you can find something to send their way to make your kiddo's favorite teacher feel special.

Distance learning has been... ahem ...challenging for students, teachers, and parents alike, and now more than ever, parents are probably feeling very appreciative for what their child's teachers do for them all year long. But because your child isn't going into a classroom each day, getting them a gift to show your gratitude is a little harder than usual. Thankfully between Etsy, Amazon, and other online retailers, parents and students can harness the power of the internet to get their beloved teachers a little somethin' despite the distance.

From crayon wreaths for a sweet kindergarten teacher to a personalized leather lanyard for the high school English teacher your kid looks up to, there really is something for everyone. Just order online and ship it right to their front door.

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Personalized Pencils

So many teachers are kind enough to keep extra pens and pencils around for students who don't have one. You could help replenish their supply with a personalized set. This Etsy shop, RoostPaperie, makes them in tons of colors. You could choose a motivational phrase, or a simple "Return To Mrs. Smith" so students don't run off with them at the end of the day.


Custom Coffee Tumbler

Whether they're teaching in person or perfecting distance learning, your kid's teacher could probably use some caffeine. Adding a cute tumbler to their collection is sure to make them feel the love. Etsy carries a ton of options, from iced coffee tumblers to crayon-themed hot coffee travel cups.


One Tote To Hold It All

Lots of teachers love this tote, which has room for all their essentials, but is also super cute and comfortable to carry. It comes in a handful of colors and patterns, can be monogrammed, and features lots of interior pockets for organization queens.


The Wine Glass They Really Need

Coronavirus has really put a damper on the end of the school year. To acknowledge the challenge of distance learning with a wine glass just feels right this year, and this stemless glass is perfect. You can customize the fonts and colors to match your school's colors, too.


Classroom Door Wreath

Have you ever seen a classroom door wreath this stinkin' cute? When school is back in session, it will bring your child's teacher so much joy to hang this on their door to welcome in a new year of in-person teaching. You can have it personalized with their name and grade, or leave the chalkboard blank for them to fill out as they wish.


A Cuter-Than-School-Issued Lanyard

Most teachers have an ID card, classroom keys, and other essentials on a lanyard, so why not give them an upgrade to show your appreciation? This leather lanyard is perfect for any teacher's style, can be monogrammed, and should last for years. Etsy has plenty of personalized lanyard options if you're looking for something more colorful.


Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks gift cards can be sent via email for a no-contact appreciation gift you know your child's teacher will use, and you can choose any amount that fits your budget. Choose from sweet messages like "You get an A+" and "Thanks For Giving Your All."


Or, A Gift Card For A Special Salon Or Shopping Trip

Who isn't ready for salons to reopen? Whether your kiddo's teacher loves getting their nails done, getting their highlights touched up, or needs a special beard trim, getting them a salon or barber gift card means that they can treat themselves when COVID-19 precautions loosen up. A massage gift card is a great option, too.


A Customized Award

Did your child's teacher earn Teacher of the Year in your book? You can create a custom plaque with their name and a special title or thank you message to honor their investment in your kid this year.


A Shirt To Commemorate 2020

Everyone is finding new work-from-home uniforms right now, and this shirt honoring a teacher's dedication is perfect for their next Zoom class. It's soft enough to sleep in, but appropriate for virtual teaching too.


Notes From Their Favorite Kiddos

As much as your kiddos miss going to school right now, their teachers miss them even more. It takes a little organization, but ask your fellow parents to gather notes and messages from their kids to send you. Print them, roll them up into a jar or box, and mail it to your teacher. Getting some heartfelt messages from their students would probably make a teacher's day right now.


Donate To Their Favorite Cause

If you know your child's teacher volunteers at the local Humane Society on the weekends or has a loved one with a chronic illness, donate to a cause they care about in their name. You can do this without ever leaving home, and send the confirmation email from your donation to theirs with a heartfelt thank you note.


Something Funny & Honest

If you don't know much about this teacher's interests, but you know they put in a lot of effort with your little one this year, this candle may be the gift for them. Everyone loves a new candle to warm up their home, and it acknowledges the time and love they poured into your child this year.