13 Things Parents Of Creative Kids Struggle With (The Mess Is So Real)

I have been a creative soul pretty much since birth. I was crafting out Christmas gifts back in the '90s (aka, before Pinterest even existed). I made ghetto snow globes from random objects I bought in Chinatown. I learned how to knit and gave everyone scarves on Christmas. I even taught myself to make quite intricate jewelry, and then sold it. Having kids who are creative yourself, though? Totally different thing.

I admit, I kind of lost some of my desire to be creative after I had kid number two. I went from salt-dough footprint ornaments to praying that my daughter wouldn't ask me to let her paint again. I swear I'm not a horrible mom, but craft malaise is a real thing, people.

The thing about being creative yourself is that you choose when you want to do a project. When your kid is the one who's feeling creative? There's a good chance that you're just sitting down to drink your (now cold) cup of coffee, or about to fire off a few emails you've been meaning to respond to. And crafting is messy, even when you're an adult. Crafting with a kid is a whole new level of messy and damnit, it usually involves glitter.

Here are 13 other struggles parents with creative kids have to deal with:

So. Many. Coloring Books.

I just threw out 9 last weekend that were completely full. MY KID IS 4 YEARS OLD, GUYS. It's a long road ahead.

Stickers In A Million Places

Because it's "art," right?

Smiling & Nodding While Your Kid Speaks To You In Their Secret Language

If I ask her what she just said, she just answers me in another made-up language.

A Million Different Drawing Utensils

Round Crayons. Triangle Crayons. Animal-shaped crayons. Markers. Glitter pens. Pencil Crayons. Chalk.

So. Many. Crafts.

Everyone buys my daughter new crafting kits, too, because they all know how much she loves them. So we currently have approximately 729 boxes of different crafts.

Never Knowing Whether Your Kid Is Acting Or Being Serious

Sometimes she's in the middle of a conversation with her imaginary friend, and I respond to her. She breaks character and looks at me with annoyance, "I wasn't talking to YOU, Mama!" Oh. Right. My mistake, madam.

Running Out Of Craft Ideas

And when I say that, I mean ideas that involve stuff you've actually got in your home and don't involve obliterating your furniture.

Trying To Be A Pinterest Mom (And Failing)

The struggle is real, people.

Coming Up With New Craft Ideas But Not Being Good Enough To Teach Them

True story: one year I decided to give my stepdaughter, who has always been super creative, a little "Learn How To Crochet" gift. She had seen these adorable little crochet monsters, and wanted to make them herself. Neither of us got very far, because I didn't know how to crochet either.

Your Kid Thinks Random Boxes Of Stuff Are Actually A New Craft

No, really. This kind of thing actually happens.

Setting Up

It's never simple, let's just admit it.

Cleaning Up

Because you don't dare ask your 3-year-old to carry the wet paints and bowl of dirty water into the kitchen.

Trying To Understand Your Kid's Imaginary World

You know, when they invite you into their world, and you spend the entire time just trying to keep up with all the rules and characters and who the hell you're supposed to be. It's hard work. Hard and admittedly pretty awesome work.