13 Things You Absolutely *Need* To Know If You're Having A Sagittarius Baby

If your due date lies any time between Nov. 21 and Dec. 21, congratulations! Because you are most likely going to give birth to a Sagittarius. To prepare you for the parenting road ahead, here are some things you need to know if you're having a Sagittarius baby, because this fire sign will keep you entertained and on your toes.

Represented by an archer, Sagittarius is among the most fun-loving and affable of the star signs. Their fiery spirits, open minds, and generosity of spirit make them a pleasure to be around... even if they don't always have the best way with words.

I'm not going to lie: as a Capricorn I have always had a little bit of Sagittarius envy (I was born six days too late). They seem like such a fun group to be a part of. Like, I have absolutely nothing to back this up, but I've always seen Indiana Jones as a quintessential Sagittarius*, and who doesn't want to be Indiana Jones, people? He's smart, handsome, travels the world, wears a cool hat, and is basically a professional Nazi puncher. He also appears to have a tenured position at a university that lets him go running off on outlandish adventures whenever he damn well pleases. What's up with that? My friends in academia would literally murder someone for half the perks Dr. Jones seems to enjoy on the regular. How on earth did he land that gig?

Sagittarius luck, I suppose. And also, probably, the inexplicable allure of that sexy chin scar.

But I digress... a lot. Today we're here to talk about your Sagittarius baby and what you can expect. In short: lots of positivity, adventures, reminding your little one of boundaries and social niceties, and, well, the following:

*Quick Internet research has led me to understand that the Indiana Jones character was born on July 1, making him a Cancer, which, I'm sorry, is just bullsh*t. Leo? I'd buy that. But Henry Jones, Jr. is not a Cancer. He is an honorary Sagittarius. Fight me.

You're Going To Laugh

Sagittarius have a great sense of humor, probably because they're so witty, insightful, and friendly. Even if your little one decides not to pursue a career in stand-up, they will always be ready with an amusing quip to entertain you, or a lighthearted jest to ease the tension and brighten your mood.

You're Going To Be Part Of Some Deep Conversations

Don't let their upbeat enthusiasm trick you into thinking your little archer is shallow. In fact, people born under the Sagittarius sign are always seeking their place in a bigger world. They are on a never-ending quest for deeper meaning and truths and are often attracted to studying religion and philosophy.

You Won't Have To Worry About Them Fighting Over Toys

Sagittarius are naturally generous, particularly when it comes to material possessions. They have kind and thoughtful hearts and a charitable spirit. They may be less generous of their time and emotions, as they value freedom above all else, and may find interpersonal commitment difficult. But when it comes to "things," they'll probably hand them over without a hitch.

You'll Watch Your Baby Dream Big

Sagittarius folks are marked with an unflappable idealism and a deep-seated desire to affect positive change in the world. They're also just the sort of people who think big in general. So, yes, they will have big life goals and plans for their world, but they'll also be the kid who comes up with all manner of over-the-top, flashy schemes. For example, if they're ever asked to help with a class homecoming float, they'll be the kid to suggest pyrotechnics.

Your Patience Will Be Tested

The Sagittarius propensity to have big ideas and a complete lack of anything remotely resembling patience is one of the more unfortunate zodialogical conundrums. (They will do well with a detail-oriented, trusted partner to help them execute their vision: I recommend a Virgo.) Sagittarius are restless and prone to distraction. May the stars grant you grace and courage to manage them in this regard.

You'll Need To Give Them Their Space

Sagittarius people value their freedom immensely and cannot handle clingy people. The more you try to smother them with your love, the more they will pull away. This free spirits need room to breathe and think, because they absolutely cannot abide being tied down.

You'll Be Putting On Your Hiking Boots *A Lot*

Sagittarius love adventure and the great outdoors. You'd do well to invest in an annual pass to all the National Parks, because your Sagittarius child will think those are the best vacation ever. If they're ever driving you nuts, just tell them to go play outside: they'll leap at the opportunity.

You'll Watch Your Baby Suffer From Chronic Foot-In-Mouth Disease

On the plus side, Sagittarius are honest and forthright. But, bless their hearts, they have zero filter and no tact. Couple this with the fact that this is true of all children in general and you're in for a double whammy. Get used to having to explain to your Sagittarius that, yes, grandma does wear a lot of perfume, but it's rude to loudly announce that while holding your nose and gagging.

You Will Be Answering A Million Questions A Day

Be prepared to be the Man with the Yellow Hat to your baby's George, for, like George, your baby will be a curious little monkeys.

You'll Watch Them Succeed

Well... actually they came here to win, but they were hoping to make some friends in the process (and they probably will). Sagittarius are very friendly and social, but they're also extremely goal-oriented, and their dream/vision is always going to take precedent over all else.

You'll Watch Their Enthusiasm Get Them Into Trouble

Remember how a Sagittarius' lack of patience can sometimes get between them and their goal? So, too, can their ability to bite off more than they can chew. They will do well to have a parent or friend there to remind them not to get ahead of themselves. (A Taurus, maybe. Or perhaps a Capricorn. In fact, a Capricorn and a Sagittarius working together on a project could very likely conquer the world.)

You'll Receive All The Postcards

Sagittarius is perhaps the most well-traveled sign in the Zodiac, which, given their other personality traits, should surprise precisely no one. Their desire to seek truth, meet new people, explore, and be free perfectly suit them for this sort of thing. Don't be surprised when your child tells you they want to spend a semester abroad in college, or backpack through Asia after high school.

You'll Be Busy

Get ready to chauffeur, host, and plan, because a Sagittarius is extroverted AF and seeks constant company and new experiences.

Good luck with that!

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