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Good Luck Getting Your Toddler To Share These Snacks From Trader Joe's With You

Toddlers aren't the easiest creatures to deal with. They're adorable, of course, but they can also be wildly stubborn and willful. In my experience, nowhere is that more evident than at the kitchen table. Convincing my busy toddler to slow down and eat is sometimes a battle, but there's one store that usually gives me the upper hand. There are so many delicious toddler-approved snacks at Trader Joe's to choose from that my daughter and I always find something we're both excited about.

There are a couple of staple items I always pick up for my kiddo (and myself) whenever I'm at Trader Joe's, but I took to social media to get even more snack recommendations. I got tons of enthusiastic responses from parents, all of whom said that trips to Trader Joe's are usually high on their to-do list. Based on their glowing reviews, I introduced my daughter to even more TJ snacks that were pretty much all hits. And with the store's generally reasonable prices, I could afford to try new things without feeling like I would end up wasting a ton of money if they didn't work out.

Here are 13 yummy snacks that even the pickiest eater will want to try.


PB&J Bars

Courtesy Kristina Johnson

Trader Joe's PB&J bars are a must have in my house. When I need a quick snack on the go for my daughter, this oat bar filled with peanut butter and strawberry jam does the trick. I am not ashamed to admit that they occasionally act as a meal substitute on those days I just can't convince her to sit down and eat.


String Cheese

String cheese never lasts long in my house, and Trader Joe's version came highly recommended by several of my mom friends. Many of them even told me their kids prefer TJ's cheese sticks over other name brands.


Fruit Buttons

Fruit buttons were one of the top recs from parents I polled. They're like fruit snacks, but with a lot less sugar than many other brands. The buttons are flat circles that kids peel away from a long strip, and they have a fruit roll-up type of texture.


Fruit Wraps

My toddler and I both like TJ's fruit wraps, and I love that we can try out a couple of different flavors since they're just 49 cents a pop. I find them to be a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth for kids and adults alike.


Dried Fruit

Trader Joe's has a pretty big selection of dried fruit, with a couple of parents mentioning that their kids especially loved the dried mangos. One mom noted that you can easily make your own trail mix by snagging all your favorites from the dried fruit selection and the nut aisle.


Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers

These have quickly become a big hit in the Johnson household. These adorably petite little sandwich crackers are about the size of a nickel, and my daughter just gobbles them up.


Mini Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers

One mom told me that she and her toddler literally never leave the house without a baggie of these mini peanut butter sandwich crackers on hand.


Yogurt Smoothies

Organic smoothies are a fun, filling treat, and Trader Joe's has a couple different yummy varieties. I suggest pouring them into a cup with a straw if your kiddo has a tendency to knock over their drinks.


Inner Peas

My daughter absolutely loves potato chips, but I'm not wild about her chowing down on them on the regular. Inner Peas, however, are a great substitute when she's looking for a crunchy, salty snack fix.


Cheese Puffs

Cheese puffs may not be the healthiest snack, but they sure are delicious. I'm confident any toddler would gobble these up, unless mom or dad got to the bag first.


Cheddar Rockets

I've yet to meet a toddler who isn't a fan of cheesy crackers. If your kiddo loves goldfish crackers, I'm pretty sure they'll love TJ's cheddar rockets, too.


Fruit Crushers

My daughter pretty much survived on fruit pouches at one point. TJ's apple sauce crushers are a great price for being organic, and they come in a few different flavor combos including apple/strawberry and apple/mango, and apple/banana.


Roasted Seaweed

Roasted seaweed snack won't be a hit with every kid, but at least one mom I know has to keep her pantry well stocked. At just 99 cents for a bag, it could be worth the investment to see if you can convince your toddler to eat something green. They don't need to know it's healthy.