13 Ways To Make Your Kid Feel More Loved In One Day

There's nothing better than your child showing how much they love you, but do you reciprocate those feelings as often as you should? It's easy to get swept up in your busy schedules and life, but our little ones are often confused as to why they didn't get as many cuddles or kisses as usual. You know how much you love your child, but there are some ways to make your kid feel more loved in one day.

Yep, one day is all it takes to remind your child that they are the best thing that's ever happened to you. Saying "I love you" isn't always enough. Love is a verb, and it should be put into action as often as possible. Your children have love languages, just like adults, and they often thrive in feeling appreciated, in being heard, and watching you make the time for them. Would it not be the most heartbreaking thing in the world to hear that your child doesn't feel as loved as you want them to?

Think of how many times a day your kid makes you feel loved. They stop to hug you every hour, they ask you to play with them, they bring home finger paintings made just for you — their love for you is massive and can't be consumed. They literally show it every day. And while it comes as second nature to them, as adults, it can be hard to carve out the time to really make your kid feel loved. But with these 13 ways to make them feel good, you'll be able to prove just how much you love them, and it only takes a day.


Acknowledge Them Talking To You

It's hard sometimes, I know. But even if you're having another conversation, let your child know that you hear them, but you just need one more minute. Your children are not invisible and they don't want to feel that way.


Really Listen To What They're Saying

Nodding and saying, "Mhm" isn't enough. Really pay attention to your kiddo and listen to everything they're saying.


Ask For Their Opinions

Nothing makes a little one feel more important than having their parent ask for their opinion. Ask them what you should make for dinner or what they think about the flowers you're planting outside. They'll love it, trust me.


Follow Through With Your Promises

Don't make a promise you can't keep. Always follow through with your promises. A bag of Skittles at the end of a grocery trip may not be a big deal to you, but if you promised it to your child, they're going to remind you of it.


Set Aside Distraction-Free Time

It doesn't have to be a lot of time — 10 minutes is plenty — but make sure there are absolutely no distractions. Spend the time just talking to each other, reading together, or playing a game. You can make it even better by showing your kid that you're putting that time together above everything, even work or dinner.


Encourage Their Interests

If your child's into dinosaurs, encourage their interests by picking up dinosaur-themed books for them at the library. It's a great way for them to know you're paying attention and you care about their interests and hobbies.


Ask For The Details Of Their Day

Get specific! Ask them how lunch was, if their friends had a good day, and if the spelling bee went as well as they hoped. Your kids will love talking about the details of the day, especially when so many of them seem to forget all the little things at the end of the day.


Show Them That They Are A Priority

This can be hard, I know. Your emails are important, too. You have to return that phone call, and you have to finish the laundry. But it doesn't take long to read a quick book with your kid or snuggle with them on the couch. Let them know you're busy, but you're putting their needs first when you can because they are your number one priority. You can also show this with your other children. If the baby's crying, but your oldest needs help right then, make sure your big kid knows that they're just as much of a priority as the baby.


Tell Them How Much You Missed Them

If I'm gone from my daughter for even an hour, I tell her how much I missed her. Your children know you're busy during the day, but they'll love hearing that they were on your mind despite your schedule.


Ask For Their Help

Cooking, putting away the groceries, or taking care of the pets -- kids love to help out and have a part in the big stuff. If you mention to them how much you need them and how much more fun it is when they're around, they'll feel like a million bucks.


Apologize If You Lose Your Temper

Always apologize. Make sure your child knows that even grown-ups have bad days and do things they aren't proud of. They'll know that you apologize when you've hurt their feelings, and that alone will make them feel more loved and worthy.


Keep Your Bedtime Routine

I know more than anyone how hard it is to keep that routine of snuggles and books when all you want to do is put your child to bed so you can crash, too. But your bedtime routine may be the only time of the day where your kid gets to really connect with you in your busy life, so make it happen every night.


Praise Them To Others

Your kids are always listening, so make sure to praise them to others so they can hear. Tell your partner about how awesome your kid did at baseball practice, or tell your other children how proud you are of their sibling. It will do their heart good to hear you brag on them to others and make them feel so loved.