A winter-themed baby shower can be the perfect way to welcome a new baby into the family.
Baby, It's Cold Outside With These Perfect Winter Baby Shower Ideas

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When planning a baby shower, it's so wonderful — and a relief — when the theme just kind of presents itself. If your parents-to-be don't have a nursery theme or if they're open to whatever creativity you may have (no pressure), you may want to go with the season and try some winter baby shower ideas.

Think hot chocolate, snowflakes, glitter, buffalo plaid, garland, ornaments, the works. Man, I almost want to get pregnant again just to have a winter-themed baby shower. Almost. Your guests can get cozy by the hot chocolate bar before enjoying a holiday-themed cookie or snowflake-adorned cupcake while snowflakes float from the ceiling. What's not to like?

Plus, I feel like winter showers are even better for the pregnant guest of honor. Who doesn't want to enjoy a perfect cookie while avoiding the hot temps of summer?I had my baby in the spring, so I didn't really deal with any part of my pregnancy in the sweltering and humid southern summers, but I was hot enough in the end of August through September. Plus, when it comes to dressing a baby bump, winter clothes are basically perfect. Whether you go for it with a full Christmas theme or just have a glam snowflake party, these ideas are perfect for a winter-themed baby shower.


Festive Party Favor Tags

These adorable tags can go on just about any type of party favor. Whether you want to wrap it around a homemade hot chocolate mix like the photo above, or if you want to tie it onto some candles, they will definitely be on-theme and adorable.


Hot Chocolate Bar

OK. This is the greatest baby shower idea of all baby shower ideas. Who doesn't love hot chocolate? And the mom-to-be will probably appreciate that it's a special beverage that she can imbibe in, too.


Festive Name Confetti

Glitter and the holidays go hand-in-hand in my opinion, and won't the parents-to-be feel so special with their little baby's name sprinkled everywhere for decoration, complete with snowflakes?


Wintery Cupcake Toppers

These snowflake-adorned cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. And they're glitzy but can be used for a gender-neutral baby shower as well.


Custom Cookies

Who says Santa is the only one who can enjoy cookies during the holidays? These cookies are certainly festive and take the words to "Santa Baby" down a different path.


Winter-Themed Games

Winter and penguins are a no-brainer, and these adorable cards for the game where you guess how much candy is in the jar are just too cute. Perhaps you can get candy that is colored blue, white, and silver to complete your wintery theme? There's even a winter-themed "what's in your purse" game on Etsy.


Festive Diaper Cake Centerpiece

When I first heard of a diaper cake on Sex and the City when I was 14, I had no clue how useful they actually could be. Throw in this absolutely gorgeous diaper cake centerpiece and you'll not only be on-theme, but it will photograph well, and you'll be the hit of the party by giving the gift that every parent appreciates.


Checkered Plaid

Designer Events By Lety and Laila from One More Bite came together to create this adorable and beautiful winter buffalo plaid tablescape, background, decor, and desserts for this winter-themed baby shower. This makes me want to hole up in a cabin somewhere for the winter and drink hot chocolate by the fire.


Magical Hanging Decorations

Snow. Nothing gets more wintery than that. Bring the beauty of snow inside at the baby shower with snowflake decorations. And if someone else can make them and have them look this intricate, even better.


Wintery Candle Favors

A little play on the meaning of the words with everyone's favorite holiday song to get into heated arguments about. These candles are so cute, though, I doubt anyone could disagree with them.


S'mores Favors

Fireplaces are the perfect accessory to a cold winter night, made even better by s'mores. Give the baby shower guests the gift of cozy comfort and ooey gooey deliciousness.


Snowflake Straws

Like I said, you can't go wrong with snowflake decor when planning a winter baby shower. I think these would also go well with a Frozen-themed party.


Prim Rose Hip Decor

This decor is simply understated, wintery, and gorgeous. It would look great as a centerpiece or if you have multiples in little jars around the location, giving a hint of holiday cheer everywhere you turn.

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