These Love-Inspired Baby Names Are Perfect For A Valentine's Day Delivery

What's a better gift to a pregnant woman on Valentine's Day than diamonds, chocolate, flowers, and a nice dinner? Popping out that baby, of course. Forget diamonds — not being pregnant anymore is a girl's best friend. If it looks like your special Valentine's Day gift from the universe is having your baby, you may want to commemorate the event by checking out some baby names for babies born on Valentine's Day. You know, just in case your Feb. 14 is really one to remember.

And what better number for a Valentine's Day list than 14, the day of love itself? And even cooler — the holiday started around the 14th century. However, I was today years old when I learned that Feb. 14 was originally a pagan fertility ritual until the Pope abolished it and proclaimed it Saint Valentine's Day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints, according to I mean, I've heard of the Saint Valentine story, but definitely never heard of the fertility ritual. Those Catholics and their secrets.

But now we celebrate Valentine's Day as a day of love and celebration of romance. (Not necessarily fertility.) And if you love this holiday (or the fact that your baby was born on this holiday), these baby names for babies born on Valentine's Day may give you some lovely inspiration.



According to SheKnows, the name "Love" means "affection." Also, the saying that "love" is hard to define is definitely true, as it took me looking at four different websites to officially define the name.



How did this holiday officially come to be (other than through the marketing of greeting card companies)? Saint Valentine. Valerie, meaning "strong; valiant," could potentially be a slight and less obvious nod to the name Valentine, which means "strong and healthy" per Behind the Name, or Valentino, which means "brave and strong" in Italian, according to SheKnows.



The red rose should be the official Valentine's Day flower if it isn't already. Red roses just scream love and romance, at least to me, and apparently a lot of other people. According to the Pro Flowers website, 110 million roses are sold in the United States every year around Valentine's Day. According to SheKnows, the name Rose means, well, "rose," the flower.



Teddy bears, candy, and flowers seem to be the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day, and Teddy is one of the most adorable names on the planet. If your baby is born on Valentine's Day, it will be twice as sweet if you name them after the official stuffed animal of the holiday. Teddy also means "wealthy guardian" according to SheKnows.



The name Amado is of Spanish origin and it means "loved," according to Nameberry. Perfectly fitting for Valentine's Day or any other day, really, since children are the loves of their parents' lives and most definitely adored.



I love this name, Valentine's Day-inspired or not. Plus, the name Ruby means "precious stone," according to SheKnows. And we all know our children are precious.



Archer, bow and arrow, Cupid — get it? SheKnows defines "Archer" as "a bowman," and since Cupid is the officially unofficial Valentine's Day mascot, naming your kid as a guy with an arrow may be the way to go.



According to SheKnows, the name "Amora" in Spanish means "love." Perfect for a Valentine's Day baby.



According to Behind the Name, "ai" means "love; affection" and "ko" means child. So Aiko means "beloved child." Who says you can't celebrate the love you have for your children on Valentine's Day in addition to your partner?



Cariad means "love; darling," according to Baby Names, and another perfect name for a Valentine's Day baby.



Naming your kid after the city of love would definitely be Valentine's Day-inspired.



According to Mom Junction, "Baby girl name Amyn comes from the Old French word Amee and means ‘beloved’." This could also be shortened to Amy or Ammie, but still hold special meaning related to Valentine's Day.



The name "Phila" comes from "Phileo" in Greek, which means "to love." (Hence why Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love.)



SheKnows defines "Beau" as a French name meaning "handsome."