These 14 things moms should buy themselves for back to school will help you get through whatever thi...
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14 Back-To-School Items Moms Should Buy Themselves

It may not be Mother's Day, your birthday, or even Christmas, but if you're wading through the mess of returning your kids to some sort classroom this year, you deserve to treat yourself. After the backpacks and pencils are purchased, ordering these some things moms should have for back-to-school should be at the top of your to-do list.

Every year, your kids get a swath of new school supplies to help them get ready for the year ahead. Watching them tear open their new packs of folders and reams of paper make me wish I was back in school myself. You too can experience this same thrill of a fresh, new year by buying yourself a few select things to start the school year off on the right foot as a parent. (Even if it's not a Lisa Frank TrapperKeeper like your 8-year-old self wanted.)

Whether you want to help yourself unwind at the end of a long day of virtual learning, keep things in your household organized, or simply treat yourself to something luxurious that you can actually enjoy despite the stress of it all, this list has something for everyone. Take a look and see what you can enjoy this back-to-school season.

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XL Coffee Mug

It may have been a minute since your last Target run, but you can still order this oversized mug online and enjoy the copious amounts of coffee it's going to take to get through this school year from a brand new cup with a much needed reminder to "be a nice human" on the front.


Charging Station

Everyone is at home, everyone has their own device or two, and all you want is just a tiny bit of organization at the end of the day, right? This multi-device charging station has a place for several devices to charge at once, and is available in various finishes so that you can choose the perfect look to keep everything charged up without a mess of cords all over the place.


Heating Pad

If the stress of back-to-school has your back and shoulders in knots, this electric heating pad can provide plenty of soothing relief. My mom gifted this same heating pad to me for Christmas last year and I am here to tell you that it is absolutely incredible.


Satin Sleep Set

It might be tougher than normal to get a good night's rest while you're worrying about how to keep your kindergartener engaged in online learning while your toddler tears your house apart. (Oh, and did I mention there's a global health pandemic, too?) Help make getting shut eye a little easier by picking up this satin sleep set.


Custom Wine Glass

Whether you're slogging through virtual school at home with your kiddos or worrying about them keeping their masks on and hands to themselves for eight hours a day, you can totally treat yourself to a glass of vino in a cute, customized wine glass like this one to unwind.


Audible Monthly Membership

During this crazy season, you many want to read, but your time and mental bandwidth are undoubtedly limited with everything going on this year. Treat yourself to an Audible membership so that you can listen to an audiobook and help take your mind off of it all.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Trying to zen out to a few throwback jams in between virtual learning lessons might be a struggle if your little ones can't seem to keep their volume at less-than-ear-splitting decibels during at-home recess. You can totally throw on a pair of noice-cancelling headphones though and still keep your eyeballs on them while enjoying a few moments of peace.


An Instant Pot

You still have to feed your fam, but you’re busier than ever balancing school (whether it's virtual or in-person), doing your own job, and managing your entire household mid-pandemic. Invest in an Instant Pot and you can still make nutritious meals, but without the hassle of standing at a stovetop while you actually need to be doing a million other things.


Pretty Face Masks

There may actually be times this year when you have to head up to your kids' school for one reason or another. Eventually, all of those weird PTA Zoom calls will return to in-person meetings and when they do, you'll have a pretty face mask to keep yourself safe while staying stylish.


Adults-Only Snack Box

My kids think that learning from home means that they have complete reign over every snack in the kitchen all day long, leaving me with pretty much only stale crackers. My solution lately has been to designate a box for snacks as "adults only" and let my kids know to keep their paws off of everything inside the grown-up's box.


Fancy Pens

If you’re going to be forced to help educate your child at home or work from home, you might as well treat yourself to some fancy pens this season. This 12-pack of sparkly pens in every color of the rainbow (that also double as a touchscreen stylus) will surely brighten the day.


Luxe Loungewear

One of the best things about staying home during this time is that loungewear is totally acceptable to wear day in and day out. This back-to-school season, go ahead and indulge in a luxurious loungewear set for all of that online learning.


Hand Cream

You’ve been washing your hands and using copious amounts of hand sanitizer for nearly six straight months now. If your skin has been through the ringer, a rejuvenating hand cream is where it’s at. Snag this shea butter hand cream, and at least you can have smooth skin while you teach typing to your 5-year-old.


An Espresso Maker

If school at home means skipping your usual post-drop off Starbucks run (RIP venti iced upside-down caramel macchiato), investing in an espresso maker can help you get your caffeine fix right in your own kitchen. It may not have exactly the same loving touch as your favorite barista's handcrafted beverage, but you can still get close.