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These 14 Ready-Made Appetizers From Target Are Going To Save Your Super Bowl Party

If you're still trying to figure out what you're going to be eating while you're watching the Super Bowl this weekend, it's definitely time for a Target run. Whether you're trying to plan a finger food feast or a classy spread with grown up fare, you should definitely put some of the best appetizers from Target on the menu. They're easy, cheap, and most important of all, delicious.

I spend an embarrassing amount of time and money in Target — the vast majority of my family's wardrobe, home decor, and groceries are all bought there — so I can assure you I've got a lot of first-hand experience with Target's yummy apps. Not only are the store's house brands like Market Pantry and Archer Farms generally pretty amazing, but it also offers some of the best deals on other brands, too. (Prices listed below are from my local Target in Queens, NY, and could be different from store to store)

Just take this one piece of Target shopping advice from me: do not go there when you're hungry. If you take a walk through the frozen food section when your stomach is rumbling, you're probably going to end up with one (or more) of everything in your cart.

Here are 14 great appetizers to consider stocking up on before the big game begins.


Meat & Cheese Platter

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A meat and cheese platter makes a good centerpiece to any appetizer table. A pre-made platter like this $10 Hormel one will save you the trouble of chopping and stacking, and your guests will appreciate having something to dig right into without waiting for it to come out of the oven.


Mozzarella Sticks

I can't resist the cheesy goodness of Target's mozzarella sticks. The smaller box of about nine sticks will set you back $3. You might get lucky though and find the larger size, which has four times as many mozzarella sticks.


Boneless Wings

These $3 boneless chicken bites are a great, slightly less messy alternative to traditional wings. They come in a buffalo style for those who can handle the heat, or a honey barbecue flavor for those who prefer a sweeter sauce.


Pigs In A Blanket

Hunting down cocktail wieners and cutting tiny little squares of pastry to wrap them up in is pretty time consuming. And honestly, my little pastry blankets tend to either fall off or overwhelm the tiny hot dog. Buying them pre-made is so much easier and equally yummy. This 32-pack from Hebrew National will run you $17.


Soft Pretzels

These soft pretzels are honestly not much different than what you'd get from a street vendor, but at $3 a box, they're much cheaper. The hardest part of making them at home is getting the salt to stick, but luckily they give you a decent sized packet of it.


Mini Tacos

It's just more fun to eat tiny, bite-sized food isn't it? Or is that just me? These mini tacos are stuffed with seasoned beef and cheese, and each $3 box contains about 12.



With a big bag of frozen meatballs on hand, you can whip up a ton of different tasty appetizers. Sweet and sour meatballs, mini meatball subs, marinara poppers... there's just so much you can do. Target also carries turkey meatballs if you're looking for a lower-calorie option.


Pulled Pork Quesadillas

TGIFriday's is pretty famous for their apps, so you can be fairly confident you're getting something delicious when you snag one of their frozen foods. Just looking at these pulled pork quesadillas is making me hungry. They'll cost you $5 for a box of four.


Mac & Cheese Bites

Mac and cheese is so good on its own, but frying it takes it to another level of guilty pleasure goodness. Pick these up for the kids, but make sure to snag some for the adults, too — you'll definitely be sneaking a few bites. There are seven pieces to a $4 box.


Mini Cheeseburgers

If you're looking for a crowd pleaser, sliders are a pretty safe bet. Six bite-sized burgers come in each $3 box, but there's also a 14-pack if you can find it.


Vegetable Egg Rolls

Don't forget to pick up something delicious for your vegetarian guests. This pack of three veggie spring rolls costs about $5. Each roll is stuffed with cabbage, mung beans, carrots, onions, and more.


Potato Skins

It's not a Super Bowl party until you've eaten something covered in cheese and bacon. Target's potato skins are loaded up with deliciousness, and I'm pretty confident they'll disappear as soon as you set them out. A party pack with about a dozen servings will cost you around $7.


Mini Chicken Sandwiches

Mini chicken sandwiches are another safe bet for feeding a crowd. At $7 for a 14-pack, you're getting a pretty good deal. These come plain, but you could set out a little toppings bar with things like cheese, ketchup, mayo, or even marinana sauce so your guests can customize them.


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Looking for something to satisfy your guests with sophisticated palates? These fancy-schmancy bacon wrapped scallops should do the trick, but they're not cheap. A 10-pack will cost you about $8.